Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NYX Haul and SEPHORA!!!!

Hello lovelies,
School is finally back in session and man oh man it is a nightmare. First, the heat is unbearable, and with these fires its only making things worse. Second, parking is worse than parking at Dodger Stadium...which is awful!!! people were even boxing each other in, it was just ridiculous. Thirdly, books are so freaking expensive, omg its like how do you guys expect us to want to come to school and on top of that let us know a week before school starts that you guys hiked up the tuition fees and have to pay them even though you already payed for your classes! ugh! so mad. Anyways enough with my rant. So i went to the swapmeet last week cuz they sell NYX for real cheap or so i thought, since i compared it to CherryCulture, i rather buy them online. I also bought bought a blush from Sephora. So it all goes as follows:

I purchased some falsies, a trio e/s and a lip liner.

I got these falsies for $1.99 they are #5 which you cant see cuz its blurry pic sorry

I fell in love with the color in the middle, this trio is called Hippie-Chic

again sorry for the bad quality pics, still working on buying a new camera

this is swatch with flash

this one is without flash...love love love the colors.highly pigmented

I got this pretty lip liner in Hot Red

this is what it looks like very bright red.

Now for the Sephora mini Haul

I purchases a NARS blush in Orgasm!! whooo hooo! i have been wanting this blush for a while but they never have it in stock when i go in to the store so i decided to buy it online since i got the code for free shipping. Along with my purchase i got 3 samples which i cant wait to try out to see if i like and maybe even purchase next time.

pretty packaging =]

Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash

So now my samples:

I got SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer, BARE MINERALS Prime Time, and Too Faced shadow insurance. I cant wait to try tfsi because i have been usind udpp for such a long time i would like a challenge. So there you have it hope you ladies have a wonderful day!


  1. I wish there was NYX in Australia! Ughh everyone uises it but me :( We do have NARS though, love their brand! Best blushes! xx

  2. Wow the NYX pastel colours are fun! So sad they don't sell it at where I live.

  3. The NYX colors are really pretty! That brand isn't sold close to where I live either :(