Friday, September 18, 2009

Stuff from Sally's

So me and the BFF stopped by Sallys Beauty Supply store to check out some stuff for my hair since its still FALLING OUT!!!! And well i didnt find much for my problem i did pick up some stuff that i did need. First, i got those huge lol green hair rollers. I was checking out Zoella's blog and she used them to add more volume to your hair. I also got a set of combs with the super thin ends so i can great looks that my other lame cant seem to do. and i also picked up Mane & Tail Hair Strenghtener leave in conditioner. I bought this to sort of help my hair, you know keep it from breaking. And let me tell you i have been using it and it smells pretty good, i really like it a lot! But we will see if it actually helps strenghten my hair. Well the camera situation is still the same but my Bday is just a couple of months away and i told my brother he had to buy me a camera. That way i can go back to making videos on youtube and posting nicer pictures and looks since i really cant with the camera i have now. So thats basically it.

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow so im gonna go cut my hair since its long and its falling out and its driving me crazy, so i'm gonna go for a new look. I'm super excited and since im gonna be at the Ontario mall im gonna go into the cco there i cant wait.


  1. OooO.. I've been wating to try that product. Let me know how it is. I've heard a lot about it. Have at the wedding!!