Monday, February 9, 2009

Revlon ColorStay Foundation

So after going on many many makeup forums, i heard that this Revlon foundation was just like MAC foundation or something really similar like 95%. People these are just opinions so please dont get mad if you dont like mine, thank you. So anyways, so i decided to try it out myself, i went to walmart and got me some of this foundation in natural beige since that's the closests i could get to my color. Well 1st off i have to say that it was wonderful! 2nd i have to say it did provide that full coverage like the MAC product does 3rd, its way cheaper than buying MAC, dont get me wrong i love MAC but if i could save a buck why not! And well like i said i loved it, as soon as i put it on i totally noticed the coverage, it gave me that flawless look that everyone looks for when wearing foundtion. I wore all day long and i didnt have to do any touch ups. So this is my new favorite product. You girls should definitely try it out, specially you gals that are more on a budget like me. It is super worth it! Let me know what you people out there think! Talk to you ladies soon!
xoxo, Eve

Friday, February 6, 2009

Art Piece of the Week!

So im going to start this whole art of the week blog, i just think it will be cool and fun to do. Art is a part of my everyday. I love to draw specially on faces =]
So today i picked a piece that i extremely love and i love it because its totally rad, and i feel there should be more of these pictures, drawings, paintings, etc out there.
Camille Rose Garcia is the artist and am a true fan of her work. The colors she uses are so perfect, like in this drawing, the different hues of blue are used so wonderfully.
This is like a retro, emo, punk, love picture, well in my eyes it is.
The way everything drips just makes it looks more sad, depressed, evil in a cool sort of way and i totally love it. If you guys disagree or are totally with me, let me know.
I always enjoy comments that are very argumentative, it gives you something to talk about.
so anyways Camille if your out there in the blog world, love your work keep at it and give me so more work to talk bout!
xoxo, Eve

Girls Night Out!

So tonight me and the girls which are Ceci, Mary and Faby are going to go see this movie. (Typical girls)
We are so excited to go out since we hardly ever do so. See, the girls and i have very busy and conflicting schedules, plus we all kinda live far away from each other. But we manage. Anyways we decided on doing girls night outs at least once a month. Seriously we only keep in touch via email, text message or sometimes myspace. Dam technology!!! whatever happen to face to face conversations. So like i was saying before i started rambling, we are having our girls night out of February and we decided to see the movie "He is just not that into you" and we are all super excited to go see it. I hope its not a waste of money, since a lot of these chick flicks usually are. So people keep me posted on what you thought of this movie if you do get the chance to go see it. Due to this recession people tend to not want to go out anymore, and just stay in, well im a recessionista what can i say!