Friday, January 29, 2010

Giveaway Soon

Hello Bellas,
I just wanted to wish you guys a happy and joyous weekend
Me and my girls are going to hit up a haunted abandoned asylum in Downey Tomorrow
and im so excited, i got a sneek peek of it yesterday and omg no joke i was getting the heeve jeeves!
they say the building no longer are powered, but i saw lights flicker in the top rooms
so i have to go check it out, just pray i dont get caught otherwise we will get a huge ass fine lol
Im going to be posting a giveaway sometime next week i think or the following just stay tuned for that. And it should be sponsored so i dont have to worry about shipping you guys the stuff, im always to lazy to hit up the post office lol
anyways what are your plans this week?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In -n- Outs

My In's and Out's of the month of January
  • Red Lips, the winter always has lots of pale faces and why not with a red lip, makes it look totally vintage glam
  • The rain, so far Socal has been receiving a lot of it and im definitely enjoying it
  • Brown, from boots, to coats, scarfs, and tops...its such a gorgeous for this winter time
  • Taking random pictures, they are so fun and make good frames for your empty walls
  • Blue eyeliner, i love to apply this on my lower lash line gives me a very awake and lovely eyes
  • Really annoying people that complain about the same crap over and over again, sheesh! get over it already life goes on
  • the "snooki" that look is so trashy im sorry i like the girl just not the overly huge bump on her head
  • american idol, i cant stand that show, the winners all suck and never make it, the only one who actually stuck around was kelly clarkson and look at her now
  • not being able to find good stuff at my favorite stores

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

None Makeup Related

So i went to the park to have some fun with my camera and took this shot which is my fav!
Thanks love for being my mirror =]

Since i was into purple this week...

I decided to sport this look the other night while out with some friends, it was raining, super ugly! lol anyways i look like im about to rob a store or something wearing a black top with my black hair lol but i was just trying to stay warm...anywho heres the look
what i used:

  • UDPP
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline as liner and base
  • cs 88 matte palette the 2 darkest purple and the brightest pink and the matte white for highlight
  • Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 008 Golden Beige
  • MAC MSF in Medium dark
  • Mac Spaced out
  • NYX Whipped l/g



Hello Bellas,
so last week i decided to do a different color eye of the day each week, and today i chose purple.
I used my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette with all the purple colors.
What i used:
  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple
  • UD AIW Colors: Curiouser(inner corner), Underland (middle of lid), Queen (outer corner)
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
  • VS Mascara

p.s. sorry the lighting in my room sucks

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ELF HD Powder Update

Here again with another update, so i recently purchased the HD Powder from elf for $3 using a coupon and im so happy with it. I cant compared it to MUFE since i have never owned it, even though i have used it i havent used it enough to compare. Anyways heres what it looks like on my face, its a great setting powder i love it, it does minimize my pores and it works perfect with my Revlon Photo Ready Foundation which is what im using in this picture with the powder.

You can see shimmer but like in my previous post its not that bad in person, but i just thought something, isnt this foundation suppose to make u look perfect in pictures not person hmmm... well i like it lol and the powder too

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Update

Hello Bellas,
so i said i would post a before and after picture of what i look like before application and after and let me tell you, you can definitely see the shimmers in this foundation, it looks really noticeable in the picture but in person u cant i asked several people. So far im still very impressed with this foundation. so here you go
-without the foundation (eeek no makeup!)

-with Revlon Photo Ready foundation (no setting powder)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Update

Hello Bellas,
i hope you all had a great weekend, i had an okay since im still in pain from my head crackin on the floor lol So i have had the chance to play with my palette and so far i love it, i know a lot of the colors on here are repeats of previous palettes which i dont own so i dont mind. But let me tell you, I extremely hate Midnight Tea Party aka (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again).

This color looks super gorgeous but when applied its a glitter mess!!! ugh! theres fallout everywhere the champagne color u see doesnt even come out on my lid just the gold glitter. I was and still am super disappointed with this shade, so hard to work with i just gave up other than that my favorites are:
1. Queen aka (Last Call) such a beautiful eggplant color
2. Muchness aka (x) gorgeous peachy color
3. Mushroom taupey brown amazing!

so if you have this palette whats ur fav and ur least fav??


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The Makeup Snob shares her opinions on a couple NYX lip and eye palettes.

That's all for this week! Stay beautiful :)


Friday, January 22, 2010

UD Alice In wonderland is here!!!

Hello Bellas,
So i got my urban decay palette in the mail and omg im in love with it!!! its sold out online it sould out in 2 days! so when it comes in stores you better go get it, they will have limited supplies out there and then thats it all gone! Anyways i love all the colors let me know if you want swatches, i took these pictures with my cellphone i didnt bust out my camera cuz i have been drugged up on vicodin. Heres the story: so i woke up at 5am cuz i needed to use the restroom, it was still dark and couldnt see, and dumb me jumped off the bed idk why dont ask, but when i jumped i jumped onto my stability ball which i didnt know was there and bounced off that and flew and fell really hard on my head. After being unconscious for a min i got up went to the hospital TBI are silent killers, thats how Liam Nesson's wife died last year. So i got a CT Scan which is like an xray but they inject iodine into your veins so that if theres a bleed it will show it on the picture. Well luckily i had no bleed and im ok just in a lot of pain thats were the vicodin comes in. So moral of the story please people dont jump off your bed and if you are make sure nothing is in your way.

and this is Doug lol i got a pocket rocket sample in doug from Urban Decay
i love him lol
so have you guys got yours yet??

Monday, January 18, 2010

Review: MAC Mineralized Satinfinish

Hello Bellas,
hope you all had a great weekend. Recently i had been testing out different foundations to see what would work best for my face, like i have said before, i am always looking for the best thing out there. I have tried several different types of foundations, and have loved some and hated others. With that said I would like to review MAC Mineralize Satinfinish spf 15 foundation.
This foundation when i first tried it i was kind of skeptical since MAC does get a lot of hate when it comes to foundations, especially from me =] im no hater but they still haven't perfected their formula well at least not according to me. Anyways this foundation is to give you a satin finish with medium coverage which can be build able. It has an SPF of 15 so it protects some. Now let me tell you when i first tried it i hated it much so, it looked blotchy when applied, the consistency is somewhat runny so i guess that's where and why it appeared blotchy to me after application if that makes any sense, I used my MAC 187 (skunk brush) to apply it. Seriously after that first time i didn't want it anymore. Well this weekend since i felt like wearing some red lipstick i didnt want to use my Revlon PR foundation, I just feel since the look i was going for was a more matte look, the shimmers in the Revlon foundation would throw me off, so I reached for MAC foundation to give it one last try and Im so glad I did. This time instead of applying it with my 187 i decided to use my Sigma SS190 WOW! What a difference a brush can make, this is why its important you use different tools to see what is best for what product. After applying this foundation with this brush my face looked flawless the satinfinish was perfect, I used my E.L.F hd powder to minimize shine and pore size and it was the perfect combo. This foundation is amazing. The coverage medium coverage was perfect i just loved it. So i have to recommend this to you ladies. Have any of you tried it yet? What are your thoughts on it? an what do you use to apply it? Hope to hear what you all have to say...

kate gene giveaway

Kate Gene is having a giveaway here

One randomly selected winner will receive the following products:

Korres Lip Butter in Guava
♥ valued at: $9.00

Philosophy - On a Clear Day Acne Skin Kit
♥ valued at $65.00 (A $105.00 total retail value!)
♥ This four piece set is used to prevent and treat acne, as well as fade post-acne discoloration. It also reduces signs of aging.

go check her out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland

A few of you want to know about this palette, its already for sale on the Urban Decay website and its $52 for all of those who want to wait...with limited supplies it will be available in stores the 1st week of Feb. Get it while you can...

E.L.F Haul

So i had done another eotd but honestly it looks like crap the colors look all blended together to make one color when it really didnt look like that oh well next time. So just so you know i ordered my UD Alice in wonderland palette im so freaking excited i want it now gosh darnit!!! but i have to wait my friends are gonna go nuts when they see it lol anyways on to my elf haul. I decided that i wanted to try MUFE hd powder but too broke to spend lots of money on it so i went on elf and ordered their HD powder i will review it soon. Next, i needed to buy a daily brush cleaner so i ordered theres since i heard lots of good things about it, what i did not like was the fact that it was leaking or so it seemed like it, cuz after i wiped it down it was fine no leakage. And last but not least i ordered (all from the studio line by the way) the Powder brush, since i also read great reviews on it. This is what it all looks like:
I already used the brush and i freaking love it soooo much! (i still love my 187) its super soft and i use this now to apply my foundation, the brush cleaner also works great and i like the smell. I still have not tried the hd powder but will get to it soon. What are you gals using to apply your foundation? and what setting powder would be your fav?

EOTD: Lime Green Eyes

Hello Bellas i come to you with another eye look which i really like a lot, I was at home after a nice hot bath using my star melt from LUSH...really relaxing, i wanted to play around with colors and this is what i came up with:

(notice the redness on my cheek, thats the crap i was talking about the other day its so ugly, and im shiny cuz i just took a bath and washed my face an applied vitamin E all over )

what i used:
  • NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • CS 88 Matte e/s palette the bright green and dark greens and off white for highlight
  • Avon e/l in black
i think im gonna do a series of eotd's using all the colors of the rainbow what do you guys think??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


(No posts due to no internet at the moment)
Hey chicas!
i have a problem, so im breaking out with these little red bumps on my face all in my cheek area. so i know its probably an allergic reaction but to what?!
they only new things i have been using is my sigma brushes and my new Revlon PR foundation could that be the culprit :(
i look so bad, i dont know what to do, not only do i have red bumps but i have patches of dark dry skin wtf?!
anyone heard of that or how to treat it,
i wont be wearing any makeup to clear the problem up
im so sad
So i took some of your advice and applied vitamin e on the areas affected overnight of course and i woke this morning with one cheek looking a lot better, the other cheek still has a lot of redness but will continue doing that tonight.
thanks to all of you for the advice

Friday, January 8, 2010

One last thing before i hit the road..

so i did a video tutorial for the purple smokey eye look and it erased so i did it again and when it came to uploading it stupid youtube didnt want to upload a mwmv document (windows movie maker)ok so then i decided to not edit the movie and it was taking forever to upload it i gave up after an hour and a half lol how long is it suppose to take to upload a 10 min video. i have dsl wtf???

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer

Hello Bellas,
I come at you again with another review. Today its gonna be on Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer which i purchased at Wal-Mart.

This can either be used as a tinted moisturizer or some use it as foundation.
I personally use it as both, on days when im on the run i just put this on to cover up some of my redness as well as to even out my skin, and other days when there's more time, i will use it before applying my foundation. Ok so on with the review. This bottle is kind of pricey since it only contains about 1oz worth of product for $11 bucks. I dont know maybe its just me, but anyways, the packaging is great, its small enough to fit in your purse its so sleek i love it, it comes with a lid that seals well. One thing though is the fact that sometimes when you use it you well get dried up clumps which is annoying, but other than that it cool. Now on to the product itself, it has an spf of 20 and there are several shades to chose from. The consistency is very smooth and creamy, not runny, it blends in very well to your skin, not leaving a greasy feeling after application. I use about two pumps and its enough to cover my whole face. So far i have to say that i really like this stuff and would recommend it as a tinted moisturizer. I know that there are many out there but this by far is great. so a quick summary:
  • great packaging
  • multi purpose
  • several shades to choose from
  • consistency is great
  • moisturizes and evens out your skin
  • price could be cheaper
  • not enough product

so thats all folks, what are you fav tinted moisturizers??? and have you tried this one yet?

Products that Sucked in 2009(edited)

Hello Bellas,
i know i shouldnt use "sucked" in my title but these items were really not that great for me at least.
and here they are (things i tried in 09):

  1. TFSI(Too Faced Shadow Insurance): Some of you are gonna be like wtf?! but hear me out, in a previous post i mentioned that i was able to try this an hated it, it creased it, dried up rather quickly before i can evenly distribute it throught my lid. So it sucked! lol but hey if it works for you more power to ya! for me it just sucked!!!!
  2. E.L.F. pressed powder and shielding tint: Now this stuff isnt from their studio line, and i did only get it for a $1 but still i was hoping to at least like something and no i didnt, i havent got the stuff in different shades since their color choices didnt help and i hated the stuff.
  3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisterizer: Another i need to explain lol, you see for a long time i really wanted this stuff cuz a lot of you raved about it, well when i finally tried it i hated it so much i tossed it! it left my face looking rediculously shiny with sparkles, okay maybe not the sparkles but i just didnt care much for it.
  4. Revlon Curling Irons: These things i got a CVS it came in a package of 3, theres was a 1 1/2 a 1 1/4 and a 1". I tried all of them and they sucked! they would heat up and as soon as i used them they would cool down and not even curl my hair and all 3 did that. The curling irons would make maybe one or two soft curls and since the irons werent that hot they curls would fall right off, what a disappointment, my Conair curling iron that i have had for 8 years is still way better than these. i just purchased a new one so i hope to review that pretty soon.
well thats pretty much it!
hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Stay beautiful, makeup junkies! Hope you all had a great week.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello lovelies,
i bring you another Eotd, this from last weekend

what i used:
FACE: MAC Prep+Prime
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 008 Golden Beige
MAC MSFN in Medium Dark
MAC Brunette
CS 88 matte palette
MAC Humid e/s
MAC Blacktrack f/l
LashBlast Mascara with VS Very Sexy Mascara in Blackest Black

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pinky Eotd

So even though im not feeling to well i decided to play with my stuff and came up with this:

mind you i did not apply any eyeliner or mascara since i was gonna be taking this off right away, and the pic quality isnt great cuz i took this with my android phone =]
so what i used was my CS 88 matte palette
i used the 1st color in the pink row for the inner corner and blended to about halfway to the middle of my lid
i then applied the brightest pink on that some row of pinks and used that on the red of my lid and blended the two colors together.
i then took the dark brown above the black on that same palette and used that to make the outer v and blended that as well.
for highlight i used the top white color on the palette and voila!

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review

Everyone for the most part has been in love with Revlon Colorstay Foundation, it has been very comparable to MAC's foundations. Now Revlon has come out with another high quality foundation which is there Photo Ready foundation, which is suppose to be their version of HD foundation.

I went on MakeupAlley to inquire on what shade of this stuff will suit my skin color, since im a nc35, the girls recommended i try 008 Golden Beige, now for the colorstay i use 220 natural beige which is slightly different ok well not really it is very different lol but whatver since i was getting it as a BOGO i decided to also purchase this new foundation in natural beige just in case.
i tried on both colors and they both seem to suit me, weird right?? but heck at least i dont have to go back to return the wrong color =]
now for the pros and cons

  • price is very good it runs about $14 (and if you get from a BOGO sale u get two for that price amazing) a bottle very reasonable compared to other HD FOUNDATIONS, CS is selling theirs for about $17 plus s&h and that's just CS now imagine MUFE lol
  • packaging is great! the pump is perfect it dispense a good amount with one pump enough to cover my whole face and it has a lid lol
  • amazing coverage, it is very build able, it made my face flawless so again amazing
  • it does give a great dewy finish with a nice even glow
  • it is not fast drying like the colorstay, i have to hurry to put that on and blend otherwise since it dries up pretty quickly i have a mess on my face lol
  • feels very lightweight not heavy at all.
  • it does have a slight greyish tone to it, or maybe its just me being really colorblind lol
  • while this may not be a bad thing for some it does have some shimmer in it, but the advertisement clearly states that, so if your not into the shimmers then DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! the shimmers are meant to give you that glow.
  • not a lot of shades to choose from, which could be a bad thing if you have a very strange skin color lol jk
and well thats it not a lot of cons because i have to say this is my new HG Foundation i love this stuff, its perfect, i apply it using my skunk brush (MAC 187) stippling it then buffing it. i did take pictures with wearing this foundation and well i was a little under the weather since im sick i prefer not to post but makes me look great =] ok i shouldnt toot my own horn. anyways i highly recommend this foundation to you lovely ladies, let me know what you think of it.

BTW Sparklemidori is having a giveaway here! go check her out!

Camera Issues

Hello bellas
im sick once again, wtf right?!
i hate this, i cant breathe and i sound like a dude with my deep raspy voice lol
anyways, so i did my first video lol for you guys but i cant seem to load it onto my windows movie maker to edit my dumb self, i made the video using my canon rebel cam, it does transfer to my computer but i keep getting the little pop up window saying the file doesnt match or cant be opened for the movie maker wtf!!!! im going crazy trying to figure it out, anyone with these kinds of cameras what do i do to load it on??? help please

Saturday, January 2, 2010

An introduction to Beauty Blog Link Love

Beauty Blog Link Love (or BBLL for short) is officially on-air today with this Link Love post. We're a new community of -- obviously -- beauty bloggers, and we're committed to bringing you the best and brightest stars of the beauty blog world twice each month! Don't worry; this won't affect the posts on any of the blogs that you're reading, but what it will do is form a casual, contract-free environment for bloggers to share posts that they're proud of, which means that you'll get easy access to the best reading material possible.

Today we'd just like to introduce all of our lovely members so far, so stick with us! If you're interested in joining BBLL as well, you can find out more here. Now, onto the bloggers:

Adina, the voice behind KraseyBeauty, a blog for all things beautiful in New York City,
Amy, the beauty addict & product junkie who posts a collection of swatches and reviews on Yoetke Beauty Blog,
Arianne, who loves all things beautiful (from makeup to geekery that may sometimes involve kitties) is the gorgeous gal-with-brains behind Glitter Geek,
BeautyjunkieLondon, who is, well, a London-based beauty obsessive who has found an outlet for all things wonderfully girly and shallow,
Caz, a UK beauty blogger and newly found Lush addict at thisiscaz,
Eve, who writes xLovelyMakeupx and loves anything fashion and makeup,
The Jeweled Thumb, of the eponymous blog,
Kelly, the Jellyminx Thinks blogger,
LiAnn, of Sparklecrack Central, who is hooked on makeup though she didn't wear it regularly until she was nearly 40,
Lipglossiping, a girl with too many lipsticks (and a blog about them,)
Lisa Kate of Sparkle is my Crack! who happens to be obsessed with glitter, guinea pigs and winking cupcake tattoos!
Louise, the blogger behind Get Lippie,
Maggie, who writes The Polka-Dotted Apple,
Sara, a Bay Area beauty blogger who documents her cosmetic obsession at The Makeup,
Sarah, the shopaholic behind the reviews, hauls and hair drama at I Heart Cosmetics,
Stephanie, the makeup artist from LA blogging about makeup and fashion at Aquahearts Makeup Obsession,
Vex, with Vex in the City,
And, finally, the editor of BBLL (Rae,) who also writes theNotice: a beauty blog, which she fills with reviews, swatches, FOTDS, and a side of snark.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, and we at BBLL hope that you can find some new favourite blogs out of this Link Love post. We'll see you in two weeks with links to specific posts that we think you'll love -- until then, stay beautiful! xoxo