Monday, January 18, 2010

Review: MAC Mineralized Satinfinish

Hello Bellas,
hope you all had a great weekend. Recently i had been testing out different foundations to see what would work best for my face, like i have said before, i am always looking for the best thing out there. I have tried several different types of foundations, and have loved some and hated others. With that said I would like to review MAC Mineralize Satinfinish spf 15 foundation.
This foundation when i first tried it i was kind of skeptical since MAC does get a lot of hate when it comes to foundations, especially from me =] im no hater but they still haven't perfected their formula well at least not according to me. Anyways this foundation is to give you a satin finish with medium coverage which can be build able. It has an SPF of 15 so it protects some. Now let me tell you when i first tried it i hated it much so, it looked blotchy when applied, the consistency is somewhat runny so i guess that's where and why it appeared blotchy to me after application if that makes any sense, I used my MAC 187 (skunk brush) to apply it. Seriously after that first time i didn't want it anymore. Well this weekend since i felt like wearing some red lipstick i didnt want to use my Revlon PR foundation, I just feel since the look i was going for was a more matte look, the shimmers in the Revlon foundation would throw me off, so I reached for MAC foundation to give it one last try and Im so glad I did. This time instead of applying it with my 187 i decided to use my Sigma SS190 WOW! What a difference a brush can make, this is why its important you use different tools to see what is best for what product. After applying this foundation with this brush my face looked flawless the satinfinish was perfect, I used my E.L.F hd powder to minimize shine and pore size and it was the perfect combo. This foundation is amazing. The coverage medium coverage was perfect i just loved it. So i have to recommend this to you ladies. Have any of you tried it yet? What are your thoughts on it? an what do you use to apply it? Hope to hear what you all have to say...


  1. I'm glad it works for you, but I was told the point of this foundation was to give you a dewy look and that it doesn't help with skin that has oily spots, basically no way to control the oil. That's why the MAC mua's always recommend Studio Fix for me.

    I will have to try it at least once at the MAC counter and see how I like it.

    BTW - what color do you have this in?

    How long did it last before it oiled up (if at all)?

  2. i know what you mean in terms of tools making the difference! i got some new eye brushes and suddenly shadows i hated turned into some of my favorites!! glad it worked out for you ;) its a shame to waste products (especially pricey ones!)


  3. I want that brush :) I suck at putting makeup I need a foundation also. I'm def. Gonna try the M.A.C

  4. This was so helpful, thank you! I feel like I need to invest in some really good brushes too xx

  5. I love this foundation too :) Actually I love MAC's studio tech the most and I don't satinfinish daily but still, I love the way it looks :)

  6. agreed with Jezzy. My skin only works on the studio fix foundation, i hv a very oily matter how much i like to be "mineralized", it jz got worse.

  7. The foundation is not bad (not a fan of MAC foundations in general) but I really want that Sigma brush you showed...

  8. Brushes are such an important part. I'm still hunting for my perfect foundation. le sigh.

  9. The Mineralize Satinfinish is my favorite foundation of all! I apply it with my fingers and that gives me the best results! thank you for your review!

  10. I don't wear makeup frequently; so when I go makeup shopping I look for the most natural look. I have combination skin- dry in winter, oily in summer.

    Went to a MAC counter and tried Select, Studio sculpt, and this Mineralize satinfinish foundations.

    MAC Select:: came out really ashy looking on me- reminded me of funeral parlor makeup.. ugghh (NC43 worked best).

    MAC Studio sculpt:: (NC42 worked best) was okay but on close inspection didn't seem to blennnd with my skin- too powdery almost.

    MAC Mineralize satinfinish:: I tried NC43 and it came out with a bronzish undertone.. like fake-tan orange/bronzish. But I looooved the way it made my skin look smooth, healthy, soft. Very natural application, and not heavy or cloggy feeling. bc of that I tried a shade down to NC40- perfect! Left me with the same light-reflecting (not wet looking),smooth look without weird undertones.

    I would just suggest to try different foundations in different shades and see what works the best. But for me, I would definitely buy Mineralize satinfinish again..

  11. i have just tried this one ,i like how it looks but im thinking i may have got the shade wrong as although not obvious to other people people i swear it gives me a yellow tinge even if it is subtle , think i should have got nw rather than nc