Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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Hey chicas!
i have a problem, so im breaking out with these little red bumps on my face all in my cheek area. so i know its probably an allergic reaction but to what?!
they only new things i have been using is my sigma brushes and my new Revlon PR foundation could that be the culprit :(
i look so bad, i dont know what to do, not only do i have red bumps but i have patches of dark dry skin wtf?!
anyone heard of that or how to treat it,
i wont be wearing any makeup to clear the problem up
im so sad
So i took some of your advice and applied vitamin e on the areas affected overnight of course and i woke this morning with one cheek looking a lot better, the other cheek still has a lot of redness but will continue doing that tonight.
thanks to all of you for the advice


  1. I would almost def say that its one of your new products. Isolate them both, only use one at a time to find out which one it is. & I would put a little vit E on it in the mean time :)

  2. It might not be your makeup. It might be something you ate. I turn really red when I eat certain items, and when I'm near grass, my skin gets bumpy and red. It's probably best if you actually stop using makeup for a couple days to see if it's that, that's causing your red bumps.

  3. Hey girl! I would totally stop using all of the new products, and treat your skin with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera! I wrote a post about it and I'll link it here:

    I really hope it helps!! Don't stress girl, it will heal up! :) xx

  4. Id think that it was the new Revlon makeup... Or maybe its just pimples forming under the skin that havent come to a head yet?
    Maybe you should try dabbing tea tree oil on them? Tea tree is really gentle, its a natural anti bacterial, so it wont cause any harm!
    Also, with the dry patches, you could use some bio oil. Zoella suggested it, and I also use it when I get dry patches, basically use a toner and then dab a TINY TINY amount of bio oil onto the dry patch. Also, paw paw ointment might help with the dry spots, or even vaseline! just a moisture barrier :)
    Hope maybe one of these ideas helps? Good luck! x

  5. I hate when that happens! I used that pearl cream called Top Gel to reduce my breakouts. I recently had one after trying this milk salt.

    I also have a blog award for you!