Thursday, April 30, 2009

TRESemme Heat Tamer Review

So I decided that my hair was going to sooner or later fall off if i didnt use some kind of heat protectant. So while i did do some shopping around i decided to try the TRESemme heat tamer. So this is going to be my review on it.


  • Smells really good
  • Easy to spray nozzle
  • Leaves a good nice shine afterwards
  • Does protect against the heat!


  • If to much product is used, it makes your hair oily
  • You definitely have to wash your hair everyday
  • have to use each time you are going to apply heat to hair.

So there you have it! I would give this product a 4 out 5 because honestly all you have to do is spray sparingly all over hair. (a little goes a long way) That way you dont get this nasty greasy hair when your done. Thats what i do and my hair is really looking a lot better than it did before. So i would recommend using this product, plus its cheap i think it ranges between 4 - 5 bucks if im not mistaken.
So let me know what you guys think.
xoxo, Eve

Art Piece of the Week

So this is my piece of the week! It's the beautiful Marilyn Monroe in an Andy Warhol image creation.
I think that this is so awesome, the hues and saturation make each of the pieces look the same but totally different. It's like your getting a new pose each time. Maybe its just me but i think that this kind of work opens the door to everything and anything imaginable. It's like back in the day when you would watch tv and it would tune out into a screen with a bunch of lines of different colors. Its like this image morphs and it makes me trip out every single time. If i were high this definitely something i would want to stare at for a while.
But enough of all my jabbering, this is a great piece of work and i hope all you art lovers enjoy it as much as i do, Andy Warhol is a genius.
xoxo, Eve

The WolfPack

So I am in love with the Twilight Saga and i was super excited when i saw the pictures of the wolf pack even though I am total Team Edward!!! Since the story in New Moon has more to do with Bella and Jacob while Edward is out of the picture they had to do something about it and they did buy getting gorgeous hunky guys to keep us ladies entertained! What i didnt like about this new sneak peek was that they don't include "Jacob Black" in this picture or we also know him as Taylor Lautner. I think that would have totally completed the pack don't you guys think so? P.S. Something sorta related to this, I just finished reading Midnight Sun, Stephanie's rough draft should i say. And i was so disappointed at the fact that she does not wish to complete it! I wish we could find the SOB that posted the unfinished copy online so we Twilight fans can give him or her a piece of our minds. Anyways back to the book, I was really enjoying it, its like i already knew that Edward would be thinking that but you just needed to be sure. Gosh Stephanie Meyer is so talented, her work just fascinates me. Well hopefully she decides that maybe Edward and Bella didnt have a happy ending....yet! xoxo, Eve