Tuesday, May 5, 2009

L'Oreal Luminous Color Glaze

Hey guys, I wanted to do a review on the L’Oreal Luminous Color Glaze product. See I dye my hair at home cuz I don’t have money right now to go get it done at a salon. So I buy the boxes from the store. And well lets face it, their permanent dye really only lasts 2-3 weeks and that’s with me only washing my hair only 3 times a week.. Any who, so I started looking into products that can help keep the color last longer. I dye my hair a red like a deep auburn before that I use to have dark brown hair, which is my natural hair color. Well when I was at Wal-Mart I came across this product and decided that I should try it out. I fell in love!!!! It does exactly what it says it will do, help maintain the color, and help look vibrant and shiny. I seriously give it a two thumbs up, it keeps the color lasting up to 5-6 weeks. So its safe to say that its definitely worth it. Since I use the red one I don’t know about the other colors, you have to seriously wash your hands right after you apply the product otherwise you will end up with some bright red hands. =] so ladies if your tired of dying your hair and the color just doesn’t seem to stay I suggest this! Let me know what you think.
Xoxo, Eve

Friday, May 1, 2009

MAC's Prep + Prime Review

Hey guys, so I am going to be doing a review on the prep + prime from MAC.
(Along with the review you will get a cool little trick that my MA taught me)
So let me say that this is AMAZING!!!! I am truly loving this product. What I love is the fact that it is so silky and makes my skin feel really good after its applied. As well as it grabs on to the makeup really good and i love that.
It does what its made to do, so i give it a 2 thumbs up! Now for a really neat trick my MA taught me; if your looking for a flawless look, the look of great skin..you know what i am talking about, well if you have this product and your studio fix powder foundation what you you want to do is: First apply 2 pumps of the pre+prime to your face and dont let it get dry, so you have to do this quickly, so while its still wet on your face take your brush or sponge that has your studio fix powder on it and put it on your face like normal. The mixture of the wet prime and the dry powder will give your face that fresh foundation look. Make sure you buff it all in so you dont get streaks on your face! But yea, tada!!!! thats my secret for girls who dont want to try liquid foundation or are allergic to it. Let me know how that worksout for you ladies!

xoxo, Eve

My Addiction

Chapstick! Chapstick! Chapstick!
This is my addiction, no matter where i go, what im doing, the time, anything i always carry chapstick with me. When i go clubbin, partyin, or to the beach if i dont have pockets, its in my bra or swimsuit!
I cant help it, but i really do need it. I just cant stand the fact that my lips get dry or that the begin to peel
Everyone i know thinks im so weird for always having it, but im putting it on like 10 times a day!!!
I really do think that i need help lol
Yea well i just wanted to share that with you guys!
xoxo, Eve

Cover Girl's Lash Blast Vs. Loreal Double Extend

So im going to be reviewing these 2 mascaras. First off let me just say i will be judging them fairly based on my own personal experience, so you dont have to agree with me its just my own personal opinion.
Anywho, the way i will be rating them will be:
** = EH! I GUESS
* = SUCKS!

ok so here we go:


* -This product wasnt all that great. I thought it was to extend my lashes with the extra added on formula, but all it did was clump up my lashes! My lashes looked the same to me in length. Another issue i had with this product was that if you didnt put enough of the mascara on you would be able to see the white that was from the other end to "supposebly" extend your lashes. So ladies and gents, (just in case) i wont be buying this mascara ever again! Not worth it, i ended up throwing it away.


**- This mascara was ok i guess. It did like it says, blast my lash! =]
It did give me some volume which is what im looking for in my mascara, as well as length. the packaging was easy to use, there was no other end to it, or having to apply 2 different things to get a good result. It was just easy. I have it in black and imakes my lashes look good. I know i didnt give it 3 stars because i know that there has to be a better mascara out there. I will be buying the Diorshow so hopefully that exactly what im looking for in a mascara and i will never have to go to crap again.

So thats it! i would be better off with the lash blast by cover girl, it doesnt smudge or give spider webs. So if you are in need of a drugstore type mascara thats your best bet!

xoxo, Eve