Friday, February 17, 2012

Possible Blog Sale

So there is quite a few items I own that I have not used at all or maybe once and was thinking of just selling on here. I feel bad just keeping it since it's just going to go to waste. Things I was thinking of selling was

  • A graftobian foundation palette in Warm
  • OCC lip tars
  • some eye shadows
  • other foundations still in wrappers
  • etc

I will do a sneek peek sometime next week to get some feed back from you guys.

What the....

I have been gone for how long now..... about a year or more I think. Wow so much has been going on that I had to take a hiatus.

I think I am back. No, I know I am back.

So what have I been up to?

Well for starters I had a baby duh! Ha! My daughter will be one next Friday! Whoo hoo! okay not whoo hoo I am actually kind of sad because my baby is not so much a baby anymore.

Another thing I have been doing is pretty much just being a bum. Yup I said it, a total bum! No makeup, my hair was always super nappy or in a bun and I lived in my Nike's and sweats and long sweaters. Eeeeeeeeek! WTF! Why would I let myself go like that? Well....I became a mom and it was very overwhelming. I was consumed by all things baby and putting my daughter and her needs first before my own. I felt super ugly for like ever! I had PPD (Postpartum depression) So I had no energy or the want to do anything, let alone slap on some foundation. So yea that's basically what happened to me.
And just like that, one day I woke up and decided I hated being 25 years old and feeling like I was 60, I hated looking much older than I really am. I hated that I no longer looked or tried to look good. So yea, I had to fix this funk. I first started with just doing my hair differently. I watched Dulce Candy's 5 min updo hair tutorial and I tried it and it totally made me look a lot different. The next day I did my hair again and added some makeup. The following day I did the hair and makeup and changed up my clothes and ditched the sneakers. And BOOM! Just like that my whole life changed once again.

Don't get me wrong, I still have my frumpy days where I like to just relax and be comfy. But for the most part I try to keep myself looking up to par. So I decided I needed to come back to this little old blog of mine and change it up a little bit. This blog is still going to be beauty and fashion related but it will also include some tips for moms like me who are in a rut. Who want to change things up and look a little better for not just their spouse/significant other but for themselves. I want to help everyone, daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, everyone feel beautiful with simply making some small changes to their daily routine.

So I am back ya'll! So stayed tuned....



Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Haul!

I have purchased several stuff over the past couple of months, but since Ive been too busy I hadn't had the chance to post anything really and i apologize.
I have been really trying hard to build up my kit but it gets really expensive so little by little when I see certain websites posts discount codes or what not I take full advantage, so this is some of the stuff I have purchased.

These are my E.L.F products, when they were having a 50% off all studio line.
Top( Left to Right): Brow kit in Medium, Bronzer in Warm, Translucent Powder
Middle(Left to Right): PeachyKeen Blush, Candid Coral blush, and Pink Passion blush
Bottom: (Top) Blush Brush, (Bottom) Complexion Brush

These are from Crown Brushes
Left to Right: Fan Brush, soft tapered blending brush, spoolie, small smudger brush, and lip brush

Left to Right : Monda metal plate, Paint brush(for fx makeup), metal spatula, the knot nail board, and 6 different kinds of lashes

Top left to Right: 2 Cinema Secrets Large Puffs, MAC Fixing Medium, Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Super Palette in Warm, Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme palette, Corrector Shades.
Bottom Left to Right: OCC Lip Tars in Feathered, Katricia, Anime, NSFW, Memento
Z-Palette with 4 La Femme Blushes

Now for all this stuff I spent less than $300 due to the fact that most of this stuff was purchased at IMATS. Now looking at this stuff it makes me feel broke lol
What are your recent buys??


Thursday, November 11, 2010

N.Y.C Bronzer

Hello Loves,
Today i want to talk and rave about this new product I have been using for a while. Now its not new to several of you but to me it is. I wasn't big on bronzers and contouring and all that good stuff. But now that I am pregnant my face has gotten a little on the rounder and paler side. Well the pale comes from it now being fall and im barely in the sun.
For a while I was using E.L.F bronzer and Mac blush in Springshine to give my face some color. These are great when it comes to giving you a more earthy, bronzy look but some bronzers are not good for contouring and these two are definitely not since they both have shimmers. I did some research online to see what would be best as both bronzer and contour color. And the winner was N.Y.C Bronzers, now it depends of course what skin color and what not, so I decided to go with the color Sunny, I watched tons of youtube videos and when I watched Makeup by Leina and how she loved it well i just had to give it a go!

This particular bronzer is matte and is the perfect color for those who are MAC NC 30ish. Im a NC35 so its the perfect shade. It does not look muddy on me at all. And when i apply it to contour, it does its job without looking to harsh and seeing where u created that "Illusion" =]
Some people complained on Makeupalley that its goes on so light therefore hitting pan with a couple of uses, hunny if thats the case then sunny isnt for you babe you must get a darker shade duh!
I barely do a few swipes with the brush and theres more than enough product for both cheeks.
The downside to this is that its hard to find. I looked everywhere for it and found 2 left at kmart so i snatched up one but i think im gonna go back to get the last one for backup. For only $3 and some change its totally worth trying.

What do you use to contour and bronze up?? I would love to read everyone's thoughts



Hey Y'all!
So I have been in search for some over the knee boots forever and a day
and let me tell you its exhausting when your pregnant ;)
Boots are always perfect for the fall and winter months since they look great with just about anything.
Now I own a couple of boots but they're the regular mid calf boots which I love and adore, but I was looking for boots that scream out HOTT!
Now since I am on a budget have to save up for baby I decided that I would go and check out the little Asian stores (I'm not trying to offend them but even my Asian friends call those stores that)
Asian stores are the best they have super cute stuff for super cheap, I am getting off topic here..
I looked high and low and I finally decided that I would try bigger chain stores to see what kind of boots they had and I ended up at Kmart.
After looking through their large boot section I found the perfect boots! The brand is GLO,
the material wasn't all plasticky like most you find at other stores. Its Faux leather stitched up pretty well and just amazing, the plus size is you can fold over the top part if you just want them below your knees too, which with other boots you don't have that option.

They slouch a little at the bottom but its totally fixable i tried them on and I absolutely love them. The price was $39.99 a little expensive for boots from Kmart but they were the last ones in my size so that told me they were meant to be.
Now i cant wait to wear them out.
If your looking for affordable good looking great quality boots go ahead and check out kmart you might score like I did.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Where in the world is Eve???

Hello Lovelies!
Its been a while since i said a peep or two,
and i apologize. Life has been so crazy these past couple of months.
I have exciting news but before i get to that...
I have a couple of post coming up 2 to be exacts on some great products i received and
have been trying, so look out for that.
I have been reading all your blogs though, keeping myself up to date in the magical world of makeup and fashion.

I was so excited for the MAC Villains collection but do to some major saving up for more important things (oh dear did i just say that!) I unfortunately will be skipping this collection...well maybe, nothing is ever set in stone lol

So for my big news,
well ladies after being with the BF for 5 years we are having a baby!
Omg im so scared, nervous, yet super excited to meet my little one.
I couldnt be more happier, I am going on my 18th week so I should soon find out what I will be having. We already picked out the names for if its a boy or a girl.

Boy: Isaac Jakob

Girl: Mackenzie Naleigh

So i leave you with a picture of my little one

Btw its Fall my favorite time of year, whats gonna be your style?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rodarte Post...

Good morning everyone,
I just wanted to comment on my post from the MAC Rodarte collection that i posted yesterday...
The internet is a great place to search, read, and write on anything you wish. provides us with the opportunity for us to express what it is that we want to talk about. People can go ahead and follow your blog because they like what you have to say. With that being said...
Everyone and I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you dont agree with mine that is fine, I dont expect anyone to agree with what I have to say.
I go and post on blogger to voice out MY OPINION on what i feel i want to talk about that given day.
You may or may not like what I have to say and that is fine, but please do not judge me for all you know about me is what I may look like and some of the things i say.
That does not mean that you know where I come from, if i have morals, or what I am all about.
I am just like you, a beauty blogger who loves and lives off makeup, we may not agree on things but like i said thats ok.
The MAC Rodarte collection is controversial
and yes the names to their products are tasteless, but I still am not offended by it.
But because the idea of how they came up with the products and the product names dont really go hand and hand I will NOT be purchasing from this collection.
I am not boycotting it I just feel that there wasnt heart behind it like they say.
I do not expect every collection to have heart behind it but i do expect to see products have an important meaning or match their ideas to the products like the rest of the other collections if that makes any sense (To the beach, All races, Hello Kitty,etc., their ideas matched the packaging an the names)
Like if they wanted to match their ideas "Factory" should be some ugly grey or brown but its not.
So I apologize if i have offended anyone that was never my intention, I just wanted to voice my opinion on something that probably wont even pull through.
Sorry Rodarte ladies
But your stuff aint gonna sell, and if your idea was to stir up buzz..
well ding ding ding! you did but not in a good way