Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept Favorites

September came and went, and i tried lots of new stuff! And these are the great products i was loving this month!

E.L.F Clear Eyebrow Gel

Kept my eyebrows in place, which is always a plus
Merle Norman Powder Brush

This fluffy powder brush i couldnt let go of its so soft and dense, perfect for MSF.

bareMinerals Prime Time

This was my first time trying this and i loved it, it kept my makeup on all day and night, its prefect!
Revlon Double Twist Mascara

Some beauty bloggers hate it, well i love it! makes my lash really long and doesnt clump or run under my eyes.
Burt's Bees Lip Balms

I use this with the pomegranate oil and its lovely, keeps my lips hydrated all day!

What were your favorites?


Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Hello lovelies,
I hope your weekend was great. Let me just say im super duper tired today, i wasnt planning on doing any of the things that i did do. Friday, went to the Fair with the Bff we had so much fun. I love animals so of course i had to go pet them, which after i was done had black hands lol washed them of course. But before i got there, i had already pre gamed since i didnt want to spend money on alcohol there cuz c'mon its to darn expensive. Anyways, i got a little hammered cuz we bought margaritas wow let me say we had a blast with those! and of course i had to try the friend twinkie and fried oreos which OMG were BOMBAY! dont have any pics cuz it was late my phone doesnt have flash.
Saturday, worked which sucked! then went to USC game!!! it was soooo much fun, USC students and fans know how to party!! the tailgate was amazing...walking around with 40's hahaha thats how we girls roll lol trust we werent the only girls doing it. the game itself kinda sucked cuz we were killing washington state of course =] anyways it was fun!
Sunday, my little brother turned 12 and we rented him a moon bouncer but the ones that are water slides, hahaha of course me and the bestie had to get in the fun! that was the most fun i had in a while. i love being able to be a kid again. and my lil brother loved that i would beat him up in that bouncer lol he had a great time and thats all that mattered! so yea nuff said!


Friday, September 25, 2009

My very 1st Giveaway!!!

Hello ladies so i haven't quite reached 50 followers yet but i just cant wait anymore. So im having my very 1st giveaway whoo hoo! i'm excited! ok so the lucky winner will receive a surprise gift! But im not gonna tell you what it is till i find out the winner ( evil laugh)
But i will give u a small hint: NYX =]

So here are the contest rules (you must do all to participate):
  1. You must be a follower
  2. write in the comment box, telling me whats your favorite NYX product or if you havent tried one what would you like to try, and the link where you have reposted my giveaway
  3. You must blog or post this on your blogspot and link to it.

****Contest Ends October 9, 2009****
Will use the BFF to pick out a name from the fishbowl to determine winner...the bff wants to participate somehow and this is the only way =]

So what are you waiting for enter now!!!!!!


Garnier Fructis Flex and Hold Volumizing Spray

Hello Bellas,
I hope you guys have a good weekend. But before that, I wanted to do another review. And today I want to review the new Garnier Fructis Hold & Flex Volumizing Spray from their new FLEX&HOLD line.

This is what the website states:
Discover the 1st Garnier Fructis Style spray with bamboo extract and anti-humidity protection. It gives long-lasting hold and natural, healthy-looking movement, without stickiness or residue. This volumizing hairspray lifts from root to tip to boost flat, tired hair with body, fullness and an ultra strong hold - even with moisture in the air - all day, every day.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Let me start off by saying that volumized hair is in right now, flat limp hair is out!
So this spray I purchased from Walmart for $3 on sale of course because it is new. So I had to buy me a bottle to try it out. And let me just tell you I love love love it! Before I get to ahead of myself let me say that it of course is affordable and the packaging is pretty. The green they use is really bright and is not like the usual green they use on their other bottles. Ok I know im weird cuz im talking about the different shades of green they use lol. Okay well let makes this quick and easy, pretty much I sprayed my hair before I blew dryed it but I didn’t put to much just enough at the crown where I was going to need that volume. I used a large round brush and after it was dry I used jumbo rollers to set my hair. Then when I finished I pulled out the rollers and added more of this wonderful spray and I had HUGE hair lol. Lots of volume. You can always calm it down by brushing it. Anyways, im going off topic.

* inexpensive
* easy to use
* does not make hair sticky or hard (don’t want the chola look)
* does what its suppose to do add flexible hold and volume to hair

* I will have to say none

So to conclude, I have to say ladies that this products does what it says its going to do. It provides your hair with the flexibility and shine we all look for. And boy that volume is big! So I definitely recommend you ladies check it out.

Let me know what you guys think!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder

Hello again! I'm excited to be posting cuz i hardly get to do it now since work has picked up. So im gonna be reviewing the Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder. Ok so i have gone on many forums, checked out blogs and even asked hair stylist on what dry shampoo they like to use since it has become more popular now than dirty girls lol jk

Well with all the research i have done i still wasnt coming up with anything! =/
Frustrated i tell you...people were talking about the pssssst dry shampoo as well as bastite(i hope im not mispelling it) and all i would hear is that yes it works, but it does leave a white residue. Now that sucks since i dont have white hair or blonde hair to pull it off. So to make this long story short when i went to my hair stylist and asked her what she uses, she told me about this wonderful line from Bumble & Bumble.

Now, B&B is expensive for my blood but i do own a few products. So when she told me about it i was super duper excited let me tell you why...

This is B&B's new hair powder line. They come in different shades to match your hair color, whoooo hooo! No white residue!!!! ok ok The hair powder is so that you can have a nice clean look without the hassle of washing your hair. It is suppose to give off a matte finish. Now to my review...

First,what i like about this product:
* The packaging, yea it comes inside another pointless tube, but hey what pricey product doesnt.
* Its a spray, so you dont have to worry about getting it all over the place liek your clothes.
* It comes in different shades not just white. I am soon to dye my hair black so i bought the black and still use it on the color i have now.
* It helps cover up those ugly roots lol
* It definitely cleans up the hair giving it that matte finish. It looks like i did wash my hair. **small package fits in ur purse, for travel***

Now, what i dont like:
* The price, they are $40 for a bottle but hey if it matches your hair it totally worth it.
* If you dont spray it right well in my case i had what looked like black paint on my fingers luckily i wiped it off right away and it came off.
* If you put too much of this stuff your gonna end up in the same spot with too much crap in your hair.

So...ladies i would definitely recommend it. i love it and will continue to but it. My hair stylist loves it too! it's worth the price

If you ladies have tried it or will let me know what you think


Alpha Blonde Giveaway!

Alpha Blonde is having a giveaway and i think its amazing!
Check her out and enter the giveaway here !

New Look

Hello Bellas,
i just wanted to share with you guys my new look. i cut my hair and added a fringe it was time for a change! all my peeps love it and i do too. my long ass hair had to go!!!! anyways just wanted to post

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dove Intense Damage Therapy System

Hello Lovelies,
I hope your weekend was great!
I have been going crazy about my hair fallout so i have been doing a lot to take care of this problem without having to go see a doctor. So when i hit up Walmart i was shopping around for a different shampoo and conditioner since what i was using was probably the culprit but im not really sure. I came across the Dove intense damage therapy shampoo and conditioner and decided to give it a go!
Let me start off by saying that this product claims that its suppose to help really damaged hair chemically and heat treated. "It penetrates the finest lines and breaks of every hair strand for intense hydration. It strnghtens hair and reduces breakage adn split ends, leaving hair healthy looking and strong from root to tip." - Dove website. This product was actually not that expensive since its new. I bought both products for about $10 and change. So i think thats pretty good since all hair products are starting to get a little pricey. So i have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and i have to say i love it. I have noticed that my hair is way way softer, full bodied, and is super hydrated without making it greasy. It smells lovely. Since my hair was falling out i did notice that using this shampoo and conditioner it has helped somewhat. My hair isnt falling out as bad as it use to. I can honestly say that i love the product and i definitely recommend it to anyone who has super dry hair or just wants super healthy hair. The product is very thick and lathers well. I just love it so i give this a 2 thumbs up!
PROS: inexpensive, smells good, lots for your buck!, does what its suppose to HYDRATE! and repair.
Cons: dont have none.

so ladies try it out and see what it does to your hair...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stuff from Sally's

So me and the BFF stopped by Sallys Beauty Supply store to check out some stuff for my hair since its still FALLING OUT!!!! And well i didnt find much for my problem i did pick up some stuff that i did need. First, i got those huge lol green hair rollers. I was checking out Zoella's blog and she used them to add more volume to your hair. I also got a set of combs with the super thin ends so i can great looks that my other lame cant seem to do. and i also picked up Mane & Tail Hair Strenghtener leave in conditioner. I bought this to sort of help my hair, you know keep it from breaking. And let me tell you i have been using it and it smells pretty good, i really like it a lot! But we will see if it actually helps strenghten my hair. Well the camera situation is still the same but my Bday is just a couple of months away and i told my brother he had to buy me a camera. That way i can go back to making videos on youtube and posting nicer pictures and looks since i really cant with the camera i have now. So thats basically it.

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow so im gonna go cut my hair since its long and its falling out and its driving me crazy, so i'm gonna go for a new look. I'm super excited and since im gonna be at the Ontario mall im gonna go into the cco there i cant wait.


So i finally got my package from xoxo,Krystal!
And i just got 3 little items which i love love love!!!!

The first one is the Lipstick from MAC in "Curtsy"

Here's the swatch that isnt that great

I also got 2 vial pigments which i really like idk the name though

Thats about it! im really happy with my buys. I know she still has some stuff for sale so check her out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jordana eye liners

Hello Bellas,
Time for a review, and today is the Jordana eyeliners. You know with this recession i find myself buying drugstore brand since some stuff is high quality stuff for real cheap! ok so lets start off by saying i like jordana products especially their nail polishes. Me and my mum own a few. They have lots of colors to pick from, i also have some lipsticks since i got them for xmas. ok sorry for the big intro, okay so in my chola days lol jk i loved to wear dark dark eyeliner it was the "look" but to achieve that look i would have to use my handy dandy lighter and run the tip of the liner through it until it started to kinda melt. I would then wait and let it cool off otherwise you will just burn your eyelids. then i would apply! and let me tell you i loved the way it looked. it was the perfect kohl liner then. But if you were to use it without doing what i did, it sucked!
It would go on very light, you had to go over and over and over to get that dark look which actually i never achieved this way. So the only way it worked for me was burning it (woooaaaahhh..scary laugh, cuz i like playing with fire jk)
So to summarize:
  • when melted a bit it applied smoothly and lasted long without running.
  • cheap! i think they are $1 maybe $2
  • can be found at most drugstores or dollar trees, or swapmeet
  • sucked when it came to applying it normal
  • what if you dont have a lighter wtf!
  • too much of a hassle!
so im still going to buy it and recommend it for those recessionistas out there! if you guys do something different with these please free to let me know.
well chao,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fav kohl liner

Hello ladies,
I'm going a little wacko because i cant figure out what e/l i should get. A lot of you have favorites that you cant live without and i need one i cant live without too. I love using fluidline blacktrack from MAC but i need something that will be easy to put on and can take everywhere i go. So please leave me a comment suggesting a good one, and doesnt necessarily have to be high end, it could be a drugstore one i dont care! so message away..graci!

In case you missed it....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sephora Employees

Hello Bellas,
I hope that all your weekends were great. Mine was crazy! My hair is still falling out, work is to hectic and no time to study! ahhhhhhh!
So i went to Sephora on friday. I got an email saying i could go in for a makeup lesson as well as receive a free Smashbox lid primer sample. So im so excited, leave work and go straight there. Ok so i get there right, and this guy that works there is appointed to do my MU. So i sit in the chair and i ask for the candy colored eye look. I dont know if you guys have seen it but its really pretty. And i was going out that night so i thought dang i get my makeup done for free. Ok, so i try and make small talk with him, and ask him how long he's been working there and he says 2 years. so by then he ask me ok take a look, but warns oh! its not done ok. so i look and its like he applied 3 different color stripes on my lids. So i say wow umm maybe you should blend the colors more he was like oh yea that will help. so he's supposebly blending, i take another look and blending was not being done here, he was just applying more e/s to my lid. ahhhhhh! so now it looks like there's chalk on my eyelid because he used so much shadow. and then its all over my face so he was messing up my foundation!!!! and it was all over my clothes. Grrrrr! i was furious. i told him it was so ugly! and demanded he take it off!!! wtf! and he works here and with makeup! im no proffesional but dang i know when to stop with the e/s and i can at least blend or at least know what it means. This guy shouldnt be allowed anywhere near makeup. He sucked!!! and what made it even worse was that the other people who work there were saying " omg how pretty" "thats so cute" "gorgeous" wtf! why lie everyone knew it looked horrendous! i was so pissed! sorry but the employees at this particular sephora(santa anita mall) suck!!!!!! i left without my sample and with my face looking like i slept with my makeup on...all over my face!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

August Favs!

Its that tiime again! My favorites of the month.

This stuff in my opinion is great! Most girls like stuff that lathers, me myself i can care less if it does or not as long as it does the job. So let me say i just started using this stuff like 3 or 4 months ago and i love how it really does clean up my skin as well as clear some of my acne which isnt much. Now this stuff may not work for everybody. My friend claims it just makes her face more oily than what it already is. But i like it. It also leaves your face feeling super soft. So this and my St. Yves are my facial cleanser for now on. nuff said lol

This is Clinique happy for women. OMG i love love love this fragrance! the smell is sorta citrus-e idk maybe its me but it smells really good. I have been getting nothing but compliments lately of how wonderful i smell. lol creepy! but yea heavenly...

Coastal Scents 88 palette. This has to be my fav because it has all the colors you could possibly need when ur in a hurry and have no time to dig in to ur makeup box, case, etc.. I have been using this a lot lately, mainly the neutrals because of work and at night been doing dark brown or purple smoked out eyes. But yea love it!

Revlon Colorstay Brow is awesome. At first wasnt that big of a fan but i think it was because i needed some time to get used to it. Now i love it. its so easy to apply and the waxy stuff totally keeps my crazy eyebrows in place. The little brush that comes with it is also really good, i brush my brows after i fill them and makes them perfect.

Last but not least my MAC 187!!! This brush is so awesome. It applies my foundation so evenly. Its so soft and my brush hasnt shed so far, or maybe i havent noticed but yea im happy. Love it!


Hello Bellas,
So i did a FOTD for today. This is my very neutral look for work, cant really wear the dark colors here.
What i used:
  • MAC StudioFix Foundation in NC35
  • Almay's Bright Eyes Base and Concealer
  • MAC e/s in Corduroy
  • CS 88 e/s palette (Shimmery dark purple and NYX e/s in Nutmeg)
  • some random e/l the name rubbed off
  • CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara
  • MAC blush in Buff
  • MAC mineralized Skinfiinish in Blonde
  • Jordana L/S in Almond
**the colors obviously are washed out i HATE IT!!!**


NOTD; and a my random rant!

Sorry girlies still working without a camera, this is my phone camera which sucks bananas!
Anyways, this is elf's nail polish in Champagne. I think this color is so pretty, its like a really soft light taupe, idk honestly im so tired. But its gorgeous. I have been sporting nothing but really bold colors, and this has been a change for me. I added a clear top coat to really make it shine.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

XROCKSMAMA is having a giveaway!

Hello lovelies, i know i havent been blogging but thats because school is so hectic, im going crazy and im only taking 2 classes but they are super duper hard =/
anyways, so XROCKSMAMA is having a giveaway since she reached 100 followers!!! yay kudos to her! you gals should to totally check her out here ! She has some great prizes! Hurry and enter

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Jen's Giveaway!

Just Jen is having a giveaway you guys should totally check it out and enter here!

She has amazing prizes!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hair Fallout!!! yikes

Hello ladies,
I hope everyone's weekend was really good. okay this has no makeup involved so if you want to stop reading do so now. okay so i have been dying my hair red lately, well for the summer. This was the first year i started to do that, and i loved it soooo much! Okay but i needed to dye my hair more frequently because it would fade so fast. so instead of dying it every 6 months like im use to, i was dying it every 3 or less. On top of that i have been using herbal essence shampoo but the old school one, with the clear bottle. just because i love the smell. For the past couple of weeks i have been experiencing a lot of hair fallout, i have been shedding more than usual. Now this weekend as i was showering and washing my hair, there was just so much hair falling out!!! and i mean clumps of hair. have you ladies seen the movie The Craft? well it was like in the part where the girl in lockers rooms was pulling on her hair and was going bald. yea just like that but im not bald. it was totally freaking me out!!!! im brushing my hair and i could just pull hige chunks out of my hair, and i noticed it was coming off staight from the root! i looked up alopecia and all these other things and i was just so overwhelmed. Girls, have you experienced something like this before?? i changed my shampoo now, and i bought pantene's fortified 5min mask i hope that helps.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Camera Suggestion??

Hello Lovelies,
i know i have been ranting about buying a new camera for a while already. (i know shut up already right?!) Well im gonna be buying one soon because i actually need one now =]
So what i am asking is for is siggestion???
what camera are you using right now?
see i use my little brothers camera but it washes out the colors when i take pictures of like my makeup, its looks like im not wearing any but i actually am wearing enough, you know what i mean!
so please help me out with that i would greatly appreciate it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garnier Nutri-Pure detoxifying Towelettes Review

Hello Lovelies,
I decided to do a review today and its on this product the Garnier Nutritioniste detoxifying wet cleansing towelettes. Let me start off by saying wow! I really love these wipes. First, they are oil free which i love love love! I cant say that enough, i have tried different types of makeup remover wipes and all of them leave my face super oily and that would annoy me, because on those days when i would come home a little tipsy(which i dont do anymore) i would just remove the makeup and wouldnt wipe the oil off after and my hair would be oily because im crazy sleeper, so it would get all over my fringe, gross!!! so being oil free is a plus. The feeling you get after you use them is so refreshing like you just washed your face with a facial cleanser. Second, it does remove mascara! I noticed that some wiped would advertise that it would remove mascara, but they actually didnt so now i had to bust out my eye makeup remover too, which kinda defeats the purpose of having makeup remover wipes! =/ so yea i love that this one does, even my waterproof masacara so thats a plus. Third, all i need is one wipe to remove all my makeup. With other products i have used in the past, i have to use up to 2 wipes and that can become pretty pricey in the end. So this is good. Now the only bad thing about it, is the packaging, let me tell you why. Now most makeup remover wipes do come packaged like this which is fine the problem is the stciky part of the strip which you pull back when you want to remove a wipe and then close. It doesnt stick!!!! so im afraid that my wipes will dry out. So what i did was just face it down so that the strip remains closed. =] improvise!
So there you have it. My conclusion to this ramble =]

  • Oil Free
  • Does remove mascara (even waterproof)
  • Only need one wipe, so cost efficient.
  • Only con is the stickyness of the opening and closing tab wears off, but just face it down
  • Definitely Recommend
So i give this a 2 thumbs up!!! Whoo hoo. So ladies have a great day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Moon Trailer 2

I am so excited!!!! just any day now and we will be able to see this movie. Me and my friend Gaby have been talking about it for so long now its driving us crazy. I dont know how many time we read this book already. Taylor looks so hott, but im sorry i am still Team Edward!!!

New Followers

To all my followers (15) thanks for following and reading! It means a lot and i truly appreciate it. I hope to get 100 so that i can hold a giveaway! But again ladies thank you so much! i cant wait to post more and more soon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hey again lovelies,
I was bored and decided to do an EOTD since i hardly ever post them because the lighting in both my room and restroom is terrible. So i tried my best to take good pictures.
What i used:
  • UDPP
  • Coastal Scents 88 matte palette (mainly purple and light taupe for highlight)
  • E.L.F eyeliner pen
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

NYX Haul and SEPHORA!!!!

Hello lovelies,
School is finally back in session and man oh man it is a nightmare. First, the heat is unbearable, and with these fires its only making things worse. Second, parking is worse than parking at Dodger Stadium...which is awful!!! people were even boxing each other in, it was just ridiculous. Thirdly, books are so freaking expensive, omg its like how do you guys expect us to want to come to school and on top of that let us know a week before school starts that you guys hiked up the tuition fees and have to pay them even though you already payed for your classes! ugh! so mad. Anyways enough with my rant. So i went to the swapmeet last week cuz they sell NYX for real cheap or so i thought, since i compared it to CherryCulture, i rather buy them online. I also bought bought a blush from Sephora. So it all goes as follows:

I purchased some falsies, a trio e/s and a lip liner.

I got these falsies for $1.99 they are #5 which you cant see cuz its blurry pic sorry

I fell in love with the color in the middle, this trio is called Hippie-Chic

again sorry for the bad quality pics, still working on buying a new camera

this is swatch with flash

this one is without love love the colors.highly pigmented

I got this pretty lip liner in Hot Red

this is what it looks like very bright red.

Now for the Sephora mini Haul

I purchases a NARS blush in Orgasm!! whooo hooo! i have been wanting this blush for a while but they never have it in stock when i go in to the store so i decided to buy it online since i got the code for free shipping. Along with my purchase i got 3 samples which i cant wait to try out to see if i like and maybe even purchase next time.

pretty packaging =]

Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash

So now my samples:

I got SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer, BARE MINERALS Prime Time, and Too Faced shadow insurance. I cant wait to try tfsi because i have been usind udpp for such a long time i would like a challenge. So there you have it hope you ladies have a wonderful day!