Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fav kohl liner

Hello ladies,
I'm going a little wacko because i cant figure out what e/l i should get. A lot of you have favorites that you cant live without and i need one i cant live without too. I love using fluidline blacktrack from MAC but i need something that will be easy to put on and can take everywhere i go. So please leave me a comment suggesting a good one, and doesnt necessarily have to be high end, it could be a drugstore one i dont care! so message away..graci!


  1. Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencils are amazing (but not great for the waterline). Rimmel SpecialEyes kohl pencils are good too, and Maybelline KohlExpress. :)

  2. Hello :) Thank you for the comment on my blog, and for following. Your page is lovely :) Aw I swear by blacktrack too... even though it is so fidgety! Ive never found another decent liquid liner, most of them dry in funny and even crack and smudge :( Keep searching on your quest though!

    Ayden xx


  3. I've heard amazing things about Clarins waterproof eyeliners, they're supposed to be even better than MAC khols!Great blog, come check mine out sometime xxx

  4. I wish I could recommend you something but as of now, I'm still looking for one that won't smudge on my waterline as well. What I do to keep it on a little bit longer though is go over it with black eyeshadow. It helps give it a little more of a staying power on the waterline.