Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garnier Nutri-Pure detoxifying Towelettes Review

Hello Lovelies,
I decided to do a review today and its on this product the Garnier Nutritioniste detoxifying wet cleansing towelettes. Let me start off by saying wow! I really love these wipes. First, they are oil free which i love love love! I cant say that enough, i have tried different types of makeup remover wipes and all of them leave my face super oily and that would annoy me, because on those days when i would come home a little tipsy(which i dont do anymore) i would just remove the makeup and wouldnt wipe the oil off after and my hair would be oily because im crazy sleeper, so it would get all over my fringe, gross!!! so being oil free is a plus. The feeling you get after you use them is so refreshing like you just washed your face with a facial cleanser. Second, it does remove mascara! I noticed that some wiped would advertise that it would remove mascara, but they actually didnt so now i had to bust out my eye makeup remover too, which kinda defeats the purpose of having makeup remover wipes! =/ so yea i love that this one does, even my waterproof masacara so thats a plus. Third, all i need is one wipe to remove all my makeup. With other products i have used in the past, i have to use up to 2 wipes and that can become pretty pricey in the end. So this is good. Now the only bad thing about it, is the packaging, let me tell you why. Now most makeup remover wipes do come packaged like this which is fine the problem is the stciky part of the strip which you pull back when you want to remove a wipe and then close. It doesnt stick!!!! so im afraid that my wipes will dry out. So what i did was just face it down so that the strip remains closed. =] improvise!
So there you have it. My conclusion to this ramble =]

  • Oil Free
  • Does remove mascara (even waterproof)
  • Only need one wipe, so cost efficient.
  • Only con is the stickyness of the opening and closing tab wears off, but just face it down
  • Definitely Recommend
So i give this a 2 thumbs up!!! Whoo hoo. So ladies have a great day!


  1. Awesome! I've been looking for something like this. Other makeup removers do not work for me, and some of them make my lashes fall out.

  2. the packaging is pretty. i love that green color. :)

  3. This is one of my favs too.. its soo great and has a lot of moisture!