Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Hello lovelies,
I hope your weekend was great. Let me just say im super duper tired today, i wasnt planning on doing any of the things that i did do. Friday, went to the Fair with the Bff we had so much fun. I love animals so of course i had to go pet them, which after i was done had black hands lol washed them of course. But before i got there, i had already pre gamed since i didnt want to spend money on alcohol there cuz c'mon its to darn expensive. Anyways, i got a little hammered cuz we bought margaritas wow let me say we had a blast with those! and of course i had to try the friend twinkie and fried oreos which OMG were BOMBAY! dont have any pics cuz it was late my phone doesnt have flash.
Saturday, worked which sucked! then went to USC game!!! it was soooo much fun, USC students and fans know how to party!! the tailgate was amazing...walking around with 40's hahaha thats how we girls roll lol trust we werent the only girls doing it. the game itself kinda sucked cuz we were killing washington state of course =] anyways it was fun!
Sunday, my little brother turned 12 and we rented him a moon bouncer but the ones that are water slides, hahaha of course me and the bestie had to get in the fun! that was the most fun i had in a while. i love being able to be a kid again. and my lil brother loved that i would beat him up in that bouncer lol he had a great time and thats all that mattered! so yea nuff said!



  1. Cute pics!! My friend went to that game too! Have an awesome week!

  2. yes sure, i can ship it to Belgium...

  3. love the pics! looks like fun! Thanks for the comment! I am sooo confused and I'm on the internet like 24/7 looking up sooo much stuff on lvn's and medical assistants! uggh! :-) do u like what you do?? what don't u like about it???