Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hair Fallout!!! yikes

Hello ladies,
I hope everyone's weekend was really good. okay this has no makeup involved so if you want to stop reading do so now. okay so i have been dying my hair red lately, well for the summer. This was the first year i started to do that, and i loved it soooo much! Okay but i needed to dye my hair more frequently because it would fade so fast. so instead of dying it every 6 months like im use to, i was dying it every 3 or less. On top of that i have been using herbal essence shampoo but the old school one, with the clear bottle. just because i love the smell. For the past couple of weeks i have been experiencing a lot of hair fallout, i have been shedding more than usual. Now this weekend as i was showering and washing my hair, there was just so much hair falling out!!! and i mean clumps of hair. have you ladies seen the movie The Craft? well it was like in the part where the girl in lockers rooms was pulling on her hair and was going bald. yea just like that but im not bald. it was totally freaking me out!!!! im brushing my hair and i could just pull hige chunks out of my hair, and i noticed it was coming off staight from the root! i looked up alopecia and all these other things and i was just so overwhelmed. Girls, have you experienced something like this before?? i changed my shampoo now, and i bought pantene's fortified 5min mask i hope that helps.


  1. I always have huge chunk of hair fall outs when I shower, I'm not going bald either... Not that I know if anyways hehehe! I have no clue what to do about it either =(

  2. my husband says that any day of the week he can make a mini me out of hair by going in the bathroom after I've brushed my hair.

    I get that a lot actually when I'm in the shower, but I find that certain shampoos/conditioners really make it worse (herbal essences- I love that old school H.E. smell, too!, aussie, sunsilk...) and I get it a lot more if I leave my hair up in a ponytail or bun cuz the hair has no way of falling out until you take the pony/bun out, then all the hair that would naturally fall out gradually falls out in chunks.

    ok, too long of a comment...sorry!

  3. Oh honey, don't be scared!

    Your hair goes through 3 cycles...and these cycles are different lengths of time for different people and each strand is going through a different phase of the cycle! There is probably more hairs in the "falling out" phase right now, it's no big deal...It's NOT alopecia!!

    Dyeing your hair has NOTHING to do with it falling out, unless you are bleaching it!