Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jordana eye liners

Hello Bellas,
Time for a review, and today is the Jordana eyeliners. You know with this recession i find myself buying drugstore brand since some stuff is high quality stuff for real cheap! ok so lets start off by saying i like jordana products especially their nail polishes. Me and my mum own a few. They have lots of colors to pick from, i also have some lipsticks since i got them for xmas. ok sorry for the big intro, okay so in my chola days lol jk i loved to wear dark dark eyeliner it was the "look" but to achieve that look i would have to use my handy dandy lighter and run the tip of the liner through it until it started to kinda melt. I would then wait and let it cool off otherwise you will just burn your eyelids. then i would apply! and let me tell you i loved the way it looked. it was the perfect kohl liner then. But if you were to use it without doing what i did, it sucked!
It would go on very light, you had to go over and over and over to get that dark look which actually i never achieved this way. So the only way it worked for me was burning it (woooaaaahhh..scary laugh, cuz i like playing with fire jk)
So to summarize:
  • when melted a bit it applied smoothly and lasted long without running.
  • cheap! i think they are $1 maybe $2
  • can be found at most drugstores or dollar trees, or swapmeet
  • sucked when it came to applying it normal
  • what if you dont have a lighter wtf!
  • too much of a hassle!
so im still going to buy it and recommend it for those recessionistas out there! if you guys do something different with these please free to let me know.
well chao,

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  1. Omgosh I used to do the lighter over the eyeliner thing too back in the day lol... how funny =D