Monday, November 30, 2009


Bellas i have a question for you
back in the day lol more like last year when it was cold and i was sick i decided to do videos yuck i look at them and think ewww gross i cant believe i would share my sick ugly face lol
or at least look decent, i just get excited when i find out stuff and wanted to share with everyone what i learn, anyways i always ramble off topic.
so those videos are almost gone i deleted mostly all the one i have made.
so the question is, now that i have a new camera which shoots awesome hd videos should i being to do videos??
i dont want to start and then get over it and not want to do it, or have no one watch cuz then whats the point in doing them you know.
so yea what do you guys think?
i would appreciate any feedback even the hell no's! lol

omg! crazy-ness

omg this weekend was super crazy, let me start off with
it was my BDAY!!!!ugh im 23 freaking sucks i hate getting old
i went shopping with my ma to Target where i got the Lady Gaga CD and Snow White, im starting to collect disney movies =]
these two items were my bday present from the baby brother, love him!
Next im off to Best Buy to get all my electronics, i purchased the Sony Vaio(i hope thats how you spell it) laptop for the Bestie she deseves it. I also purchased a Sony Handicam for My lil big brother all these are their xmas gifts. Anyways went home and got ready for my trip to Disneyland! ugh it sucked got into a huge fight with the bestie so we left i didnt get to go into the haunted mansion...bummer! after that my friends and i went to Casa Moreno which is an amazing yummy place to eat with super yummy margaritas. Since i hadnt eaten all day i got buzzed with one, i wanted to hurl. called it a night!
got beautiful flowers from the Bff took me on a gondola ride in huntington beach and then went to get something to eat, and had a yummy mango colada, went home and got so crunk lol
my friends came over and we had lots to drink then hit up the club and wow it was an amazing night, i had sooooo much fun! i love those beezies. Got in a fight with the bff but overall it was a great night. my lil big brother, my mom and the bestie got me awesome gifts!
i will be posting pictures soon but guess what the brother got me....

thats right the camera of my dreams!
the canon rebel t1i
no more ranting about my sucky pics lol
isnt he the best brother ever! i know im so blessed to have an amazing family.
The mom got me cash =] who can say no to that
and the bestie got me the Sigma Brushed for face and eyes like i have been wanting forever lol
so where are the pictures u ask???
well hello didnt i just mention i was drunk lol i was to hungover to even pick up anything but today i feel better so i will post pictures tomorrow.
so im a happy camper right now. =]
so enough of my yapping, thanks for reading lovelies and remember to enter the giveaway today before its too late today is the last day tomorrow it is closed!
blog you later!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Join the giveaway

this is an awesome giveaway with a sleek palette look for it here!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bday Week!

Hey loves,
so my birfday is on Friday!
whoo hoo for me!
anyways im so excited cuz im taking advantage of me free pass to disneyland and go gettting me some of that mickey =]
im going out Saturday night with my girls so i should be posting pics of that the following week
my brother promised me a new camera...i know so much bitching over the past few months
cuz i didn't have a proper camera, well i hope he keeps
his promise cuz that means...
more more and more posts with pictures that don't
wash out my makeup =]
i swear of that boy doesn't get me my camera im just gonna buy one myself seriously im tired of this shit!
so far i got Bride Wars and A nightmare before Xmas for early bday presents since they are
im gonna go dress shopping on Wednesday so i have something cute to wear Saturday
and lastly thanksgiving on Thursday
i cant wait for all the delicious food i get to eat
i need to shred starting Monday hahaha
in the fitness world shredding is called Jillian Michael s lol
anyways girls just wanted to let you all know i haven't posted in a while i know sorry but hopefully that will change next week.
oh dont forget my giveaway ends the 30th of this month so don't forget to enter, i will use to pick the winner. i think or the fish bowl lol idk yet.
anyways i hope you all have a great thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Thanks to Little Blog of Horrors i given this awesome award
thanks girl!

I tag all of my lovely readers since i love all your blogs too
they keep me entertained at work

New Moon

new moon was amazing i loved it so much more than twilight even though i still love that one too.
you guys have to go see it!!!
ok nuff with
my overly
obsessive self

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lush Giveaway!!! CLOSED

Hello Lovelies,
so tis' the season to give and im in the giving spirit!
i told you that i would be having a giveaway for reaching 100 followers! and i have surpassed that already whoo hooo! anywho, i want to thank you once again for reading my mombo jumbo =]
and i want to thank you with something that will make you feel good.....

thats right babes, Lush! One lucky winner will receive a Lush package!

Now the rules:
  1. Must Be a Follower!!!
  2. Must leave me a comment answering this question: WHY SHOULD YOU WIN??
  3. Post about this giveaway on your blog, and add the link along with your answer in the comment box.
Thats it!
****Giveaway ends NOVEMBER 30TH****


So lovelies what are you waiting for

my october faves

So i know im a little late but like i said on my last post i have been super busy. Here are my faves (these pcitures dont belong to me, i found them on google)

MAC Carbon e/s makes my smokey looks perfect

MAC 224 Brush does an awesome job!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple its my favorite makes my eyes pop!

DKNY Be Delicious Perfume =] smells lovely

Revlon's Pink Pout l/s total dupe for MAC Snob i think, and its gorgeous!

thats it! =]

One of my favorite bloggers L-M-X is having a giveaway u should definitely check out here!

New Hair!

Hello lovelies sorry for the lack of posts but been so busy with school (darn research paper) anywho, i was tired of my boring red hair which was already faded i might add. And well after a lot of deliberation lol i decided to dye it and i did an extreme color...i went black! soft black (number 20) to be exact. i had my friend do it since she does a bomb job, and it came out really good, what do you think???

what i used:

This one says 30 but i used 20 couldnt find a picture of it online. =]

what it looks like:


Friday, November 6, 2009


Hello Lovelies,
it's FRIDAY!!!!! (doing the happy dance) lol
so my nails were naked for a while because i have been too busy to do my nails.
Anyways i decided to do pink! hot pink to be exact, its from Jordana. That brand is a drugstore brand which is very cheap with some good products. I did use a top coat for the shine thats because i do that no matter what.

again sorry for the crappy picture, my bday is this month so hopefully my brother does as he is told and buys me my new camera, that i have been wanting forever plus a day =]

Thursday, November 5, 2009

In search of the perfect Red

Hello gorgeous gals and gents if any =]
as you see im in search of the perfect Red lipstick!
And of course MAC has several lipsticks to offer but i want the perfect drugstore brand.
A few weeks ago me and my bestie hit up Target to buy a red lipstick, we purchases REVLON's kiss me coral....well that wasnt actually a red lol it was...i bet you couldnt guess...a coral lol
it was like a orangey red of course. So we were bummed but ok cuz we liked the coral. So now i ask you lovely ladies out there, whats the perfect red??? her bday is sunday and i would like to get it for her, so any suggestions??? it can be any brand even high end, but i would like to hear more about drug store so all the girls out there that cant afford MAC can also look fabulous!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Award!

i was just given this wonderful award by a great blogger that goes by the name of Clearly Beautiful ,
thanks girl for award.

so here are the rules:
  1. Accept the award
  2. Post it on my blog
  3. Post the name and link the person who has granted the award
  4. Post the award onto 15 other newly discovered blogs
  5. Notify the bloggers that they have been awarded
Here are some of my have to check :
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♥ krystle ♥

Halloween pics

Hello everyone sorry no posts but i dont have the internet at home because my brothers messed with it so now its broken =[
it should be up soon i hope, anyways so im finally getting to my halloween pics and here they are:

for my makeup i used:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
MAC Prep and Prime
NYX Blush in Mauve
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Sea&Sky e/s
NYX pearl e/s

Covergirl LashBlast Mascara
Jordana l/s in Almond
MAC HK Big Bow l/s

Now here is how are night went:

so there you have it...hope to post soon

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ins n Outs...and why no posts!

Hey lovelies,
its been a while...i know but i have been so busy with school and work and looking for a new job that it has made me a really busy bee. Like i said in a previous post since i reached 100 followers i will be holding another giveaway to thank you ladies for following me =] stay tuned
So now onto my in's n out's:

  • Thigh High boots! They are just super duper gorgeous, there are many places where you dont have to spend that much, like DSW, Off Broadway, and all those cute Asian stores.
  • Gorgeous bright pink lips, idk if you ladies have noticed but a lot of you bloggers have been raving about pinks, well thats because that gorgeous color will always be in just like Barbie!
  • Blazers! you can pair that up with a mini skirt/dress a nice shirts with leggings with jeans, shorts, anything because it's just that universal. Always makes you look super chic!
  • Floral prints...lots of our favorite celebs have been wearing those gorgeous dresses or tops with floral prints on them, again you can always dress it up or down.
  • Chapstick. with the weather changing, getting colder peoples lips looks super red lol the bf had that problem last week. my lil cousin had her lips super duper chapped i felt so bad for her, it looked like it hurt a lot. so people do carry this around to avoid that.

  • Halloween, im over it, it was horrible. Me and the bf got in a fight over some dumb stuff so yea it ruined it.
  • Blondes and Reds lol a lot of what you will be seeing is browns and blacks. The fall always calls for those colors. A lot of the girls at my job have gone dark brown or black and will to by the end of the week =] im over my red head.
  • this crazy weather. one day its frrrreezing and the next your wearing tanks and shorts its so hot...mother nature make up ur mind please!
so thats it girls, hope you ladies have a good day!
oh wait i will post up my halloween pictures and my makeup tomorrow as well as my october favorites!