Monday, November 30, 2009

omg! crazy-ness

omg this weekend was super crazy, let me start off with
it was my BDAY!!!!ugh im 23 freaking sucks i hate getting old
i went shopping with my ma to Target where i got the Lady Gaga CD and Snow White, im starting to collect disney movies =]
these two items were my bday present from the baby brother, love him!
Next im off to Best Buy to get all my electronics, i purchased the Sony Vaio(i hope thats how you spell it) laptop for the Bestie she deseves it. I also purchased a Sony Handicam for My lil big brother all these are their xmas gifts. Anyways went home and got ready for my trip to Disneyland! ugh it sucked got into a huge fight with the bestie so we left i didnt get to go into the haunted mansion...bummer! after that my friends and i went to Casa Moreno which is an amazing yummy place to eat with super yummy margaritas. Since i hadnt eaten all day i got buzzed with one, i wanted to hurl. called it a night!
got beautiful flowers from the Bff took me on a gondola ride in huntington beach and then went to get something to eat, and had a yummy mango colada, went home and got so crunk lol
my friends came over and we had lots to drink then hit up the club and wow it was an amazing night, i had sooooo much fun! i love those beezies. Got in a fight with the bff but overall it was a great night. my lil big brother, my mom and the bestie got me awesome gifts!
i will be posting pictures soon but guess what the brother got me....

thats right the camera of my dreams!
the canon rebel t1i
no more ranting about my sucky pics lol
isnt he the best brother ever! i know im so blessed to have an amazing family.
The mom got me cash =] who can say no to that
and the bestie got me the Sigma Brushed for face and eyes like i have been wanting forever lol
so where are the pictures u ask???
well hello didnt i just mention i was drunk lol i was to hungover to even pick up anything but today i feel better so i will post pictures tomorrow.
so im a happy camper right now. =]
so enough of my yapping, thanks for reading lovelies and remember to enter the giveaway today before its too late today is the last day tomorrow it is closed!
blog you later!


  1. oh happy belated birthday! and what a great bro you got there :)

  2. How sweet a gondola ride! And oh man, Can I borrow your brother for awhile? I need a brother who would buy me an SLR too! dang.. I've been wanting one forever!

    Glad you had a fun bday =D hope to see your pics with your new cam!

  3. omg!! I would kill for that camera :D LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!! :)

  4. Belated birthday, love!! Awesome cam!! I so want a new cam already!!! Can't wait to see pics.

  5. Happy belated birthday! I gotta say I'm a little I've always wanted that camera...still saving up for it. ;o) I wish my older brother would take tips from your brother...ahahahaha. Can't wait to see the pics you take with your new camera.