Monday, November 30, 2009


Bellas i have a question for you
back in the day lol more like last year when it was cold and i was sick i decided to do videos yuck i look at them and think ewww gross i cant believe i would share my sick ugly face lol
or at least look decent, i just get excited when i find out stuff and wanted to share with everyone what i learn, anyways i always ramble off topic.
so those videos are almost gone i deleted mostly all the one i have made.
so the question is, now that i have a new camera which shoots awesome hd videos should i being to do videos??
i dont want to start and then get over it and not want to do it, or have no one watch cuz then whats the point in doing them you know.
so yea what do you guys think?
i would appreciate any feedback even the hell no's! lol


  1. i would love to see videos.

    first off, what format are you saving the pictures under? if they are just regular jpg's then your laptop should read them. if they are under the RAW format then you will need to install a RAW reader to your photoshop so it can read it.

    i shoot my pictures in jpg so it's easier to read on my computer. RAW'S take up so much space and time to load. let me know if you got it fixed yet.

  2. Hey there! I haven't seen your vids, but I think that if YOU want to make them, then do so! I'll be sure to check back to see what decision you took =)