Monday, November 2, 2009

Ins n Outs...and why no posts!

Hey lovelies,
its been a while...i know but i have been so busy with school and work and looking for a new job that it has made me a really busy bee. Like i said in a previous post since i reached 100 followers i will be holding another giveaway to thank you ladies for following me =] stay tuned
So now onto my in's n out's:

  • Thigh High boots! They are just super duper gorgeous, there are many places where you dont have to spend that much, like DSW, Off Broadway, and all those cute Asian stores.
  • Gorgeous bright pink lips, idk if you ladies have noticed but a lot of you bloggers have been raving about pinks, well thats because that gorgeous color will always be in just like Barbie!
  • Blazers! you can pair that up with a mini skirt/dress a nice shirts with leggings with jeans, shorts, anything because it's just that universal. Always makes you look super chic!
  • Floral prints...lots of our favorite celebs have been wearing those gorgeous dresses or tops with floral prints on them, again you can always dress it up or down.
  • Chapstick. with the weather changing, getting colder peoples lips looks super red lol the bf had that problem last week. my lil cousin had her lips super duper chapped i felt so bad for her, it looked like it hurt a lot. so people do carry this around to avoid that.

  • Halloween, im over it, it was horrible. Me and the bf got in a fight over some dumb stuff so yea it ruined it.
  • Blondes and Reds lol a lot of what you will be seeing is browns and blacks. The fall always calls for those colors. A lot of the girls at my job have gone dark brown or black and will to by the end of the week =] im over my red head.
  • this crazy weather. one day its frrrreezing and the next your wearing tanks and shorts its so hot...mother nature make up ur mind please!
so thats it girls, hope you ladies have a good day!
oh wait i will post up my halloween pictures and my makeup tomorrow as well as my october favorites!


  1. Can't wait to see your halloween pics! Sorry to hear that you had a fight though :( ♥

  2. @Cheryl♥ i know me too and i will get to it pronto =]

  3. i want thigh high boots and more blazers now!