Monday, November 16, 2009

New Hair!

Hello lovelies sorry for the lack of posts but been so busy with school (darn research paper) anywho, i was tired of my boring red hair which was already faded i might add. And well after a lot of deliberation lol i decided to dye it and i did an extreme color...i went black! soft black (number 20) to be exact. i had my friend do it since she does a bomb job, and it came out really good, what do you think???

what i used:

This one says 30 but i used 20 couldnt find a picture of it online. =]

what it looks like:



  1. You always look super gorgeous, but you are rock'n the black hair well! And I love your big eyes GAH!

  2. Ahh you look amazing hun it really suits you xx

  3. love the new do huni really suits you xoxo