Friday, November 6, 2009


Hello Lovelies,
it's FRIDAY!!!!! (doing the happy dance) lol
so my nails were naked for a while because i have been too busy to do my nails.
Anyways i decided to do pink! hot pink to be exact, its from Jordana. That brand is a drugstore brand which is very cheap with some good products. I did use a top coat for the shine thats because i do that no matter what.

again sorry for the crappy picture, my bday is this month so hopefully my brother does as he is told and buys me my new camera, that i have been wanting forever plus a day =]


  1. That color is beautiful!

    I loveeee your Blog!!!!

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  2. It's like the perfect pink! I'll have to check this line out! xo em

  3. thanks! no secret just worked out and dieted lol. and also working has been helping alot too cuz im standing alot & have no time to eat!

  4. Thanks girl! Your right, i'll just wear them with whatever I want at the time!

  5. Love the pink. My camera was taking crappy pictures for the longest time before I finally caved in and got a new one.

  6. Loveee the color!!! Btw girl I have an award for you on my blog!! I know you have already won once, but still :) Go check it out :)

  7. Thanks so much hun! I see you received the award too--congrats! I am now following you by the way =)
    xoxo, MakeupByLaurenP

  8. Also: I see that you also added HyperLuxe to your blog...I am a member as well, but they haven't added me to the list yet...did they add you? It seems like there on a LONG vacay because there not answering my emails or blog posts on there page!

  9. hot pink nail polish never fails! i love it!

  10. hehe thanks darl :)
    your nails are very pretty too! :D love the color.