Thursday, November 11, 2010

N.Y.C Bronzer

Hello Loves,
Today i want to talk and rave about this new product I have been using for a while. Now its not new to several of you but to me it is. I wasn't big on bronzers and contouring and all that good stuff. But now that I am pregnant my face has gotten a little on the rounder and paler side. Well the pale comes from it now being fall and im barely in the sun.
For a while I was using E.L.F bronzer and Mac blush in Springshine to give my face some color. These are great when it comes to giving you a more earthy, bronzy look but some bronzers are not good for contouring and these two are definitely not since they both have shimmers. I did some research online to see what would be best as both bronzer and contour color. And the winner was N.Y.C Bronzers, now it depends of course what skin color and what not, so I decided to go with the color Sunny, I watched tons of youtube videos and when I watched Makeup by Leina and how she loved it well i just had to give it a go!

This particular bronzer is matte and is the perfect color for those who are MAC NC 30ish. Im a NC35 so its the perfect shade. It does not look muddy on me at all. And when i apply it to contour, it does its job without looking to harsh and seeing where u created that "Illusion" =]
Some people complained on Makeupalley that its goes on so light therefore hitting pan with a couple of uses, hunny if thats the case then sunny isnt for you babe you must get a darker shade duh!
I barely do a few swipes with the brush and theres more than enough product for both cheeks.
The downside to this is that its hard to find. I looked everywhere for it and found 2 left at kmart so i snatched up one but i think im gonna go back to get the last one for backup. For only $3 and some change its totally worth trying.

What do you use to contour and bronze up?? I would love to read everyone's thoughts



Hey Y'all!
So I have been in search for some over the knee boots forever and a day
and let me tell you its exhausting when your pregnant ;)
Boots are always perfect for the fall and winter months since they look great with just about anything.
Now I own a couple of boots but they're the regular mid calf boots which I love and adore, but I was looking for boots that scream out HOTT!
Now since I am on a budget have to save up for baby I decided that I would go and check out the little Asian stores (I'm not trying to offend them but even my Asian friends call those stores that)
Asian stores are the best they have super cute stuff for super cheap, I am getting off topic here..
I looked high and low and I finally decided that I would try bigger chain stores to see what kind of boots they had and I ended up at Kmart.
After looking through their large boot section I found the perfect boots! The brand is GLO,
the material wasn't all plasticky like most you find at other stores. Its Faux leather stitched up pretty well and just amazing, the plus size is you can fold over the top part if you just want them below your knees too, which with other boots you don't have that option.

They slouch a little at the bottom but its totally fixable i tried them on and I absolutely love them. The price was $39.99 a little expensive for boots from Kmart but they were the last ones in my size so that told me they were meant to be.
Now i cant wait to wear them out.
If your looking for affordable good looking great quality boots go ahead and check out kmart you might score like I did.