Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey Y'all!
So I have been in search for some over the knee boots forever and a day
and let me tell you its exhausting when your pregnant ;)
Boots are always perfect for the fall and winter months since they look great with just about anything.
Now I own a couple of boots but they're the regular mid calf boots which I love and adore, but I was looking for boots that scream out HOTT!
Now since I am on a budget have to save up for baby I decided that I would go and check out the little Asian stores (I'm not trying to offend them but even my Asian friends call those stores that)
Asian stores are the best they have super cute stuff for super cheap, I am getting off topic here..
I looked high and low and I finally decided that I would try bigger chain stores to see what kind of boots they had and I ended up at Kmart.
After looking through their large boot section I found the perfect boots! The brand is GLO,
the material wasn't all plasticky like most you find at other stores. Its Faux leather stitched up pretty well and just amazing, the plus size is you can fold over the top part if you just want them below your knees too, which with other boots you don't have that option.

They slouch a little at the bottom but its totally fixable i tried them on and I absolutely love them. The price was $39.99 a little expensive for boots from Kmart but they were the last ones in my size so that told me they were meant to be.
Now i cant wait to wear them out.
If your looking for affordable good looking great quality boots go ahead and check out kmart you might score like I did.



  1. very cute! never would think to look at K-mart for shoes/boots... but these look great! Great price too.

  2. Love them! I hope the pregnancy is going well =)

  3. Cute!

  4. Love the boots!