Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder

Hello again! I'm excited to be posting cuz i hardly get to do it now since work has picked up. So im gonna be reviewing the Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder. Ok so i have gone on many forums, checked out blogs and even asked hair stylist on what dry shampoo they like to use since it has become more popular now than dirty girls lol jk

Well with all the research i have done i still wasnt coming up with anything! =/
Frustrated i tell you...people were talking about the pssssst dry shampoo as well as bastite(i hope im not mispelling it) and all i would hear is that yes it works, but it does leave a white residue. Now that sucks since i dont have white hair or blonde hair to pull it off. So to make this long story short when i went to my hair stylist and asked her what she uses, she told me about this wonderful line from Bumble & Bumble.

Now, B&B is expensive for my blood but i do own a few products. So when she told me about it i was super duper excited let me tell you why...

This is B&B's new hair powder line. They come in different shades to match your hair color, whoooo hooo! No white residue!!!! ok ok The hair powder is so that you can have a nice clean look without the hassle of washing your hair. It is suppose to give off a matte finish. Now to my review...

First,what i like about this product:
* The packaging, yea it comes inside another pointless tube, but hey what pricey product doesnt.
* Its a spray, so you dont have to worry about getting it all over the place liek your clothes.
* It comes in different shades not just white. I am soon to dye my hair black so i bought the black and still use it on the color i have now.
* It helps cover up those ugly roots lol
* It definitely cleans up the hair giving it that matte finish. It looks like i did wash my hair. **small package fits in ur purse, for travel***

Now, what i dont like:
* The price, they are $40 for a bottle but hey if it matches your hair it totally worth it.
* If you dont spray it right well in my case i had what looked like black paint on my fingers luckily i wiped it off right away and it came off.
* If you put too much of this stuff your gonna end up in the same spot with too much crap in your hair.

So...ladies i would definitely recommend it. i love it and will continue to but it. My hair stylist loves it too! it's worth the price

If you ladies have tried it or will let me know what you think



  1. SO glad you did a review on this! I saw this a year or so ago and have been back and forth if I should actually buy it since I didn't know if it worked.. but now I am so getting it!

  2. they sounds really interesting to me
    really want to try but $40 a bottle for a hair product seems a bit expansive to me
    may be i should just wait for a sale...LOL

  3. @Eugenia, yea its worth it just be careful not to use too much like i said it will get ugly lol

  4. I have some of this and I reallly don't like it. It seems like after I have used it if I touch my hair I get black residue on my hands (I have the black colour)eventhough I have brushed the remainder out? Maybe I have been putting too much in and I need to pratice. Bryden x