Monday, September 14, 2009

Sephora Employees

Hello Bellas,
I hope that all your weekends were great. Mine was crazy! My hair is still falling out, work is to hectic and no time to study! ahhhhhhh!
So i went to Sephora on friday. I got an email saying i could go in for a makeup lesson as well as receive a free Smashbox lid primer sample. So im so excited, leave work and go straight there. Ok so i get there right, and this guy that works there is appointed to do my MU. So i sit in the chair and i ask for the candy colored eye look. I dont know if you guys have seen it but its really pretty. And i was going out that night so i thought dang i get my makeup done for free. Ok, so i try and make small talk with him, and ask him how long he's been working there and he says 2 years. so by then he ask me ok take a look, but warns oh! its not done ok. so i look and its like he applied 3 different color stripes on my lids. So i say wow umm maybe you should blend the colors more he was like oh yea that will help. so he's supposebly blending, i take another look and blending was not being done here, he was just applying more e/s to my lid. ahhhhhh! so now it looks like there's chalk on my eyelid because he used so much shadow. and then its all over my face so he was messing up my foundation!!!! and it was all over my clothes. Grrrrr! i was furious. i told him it was so ugly! and demanded he take it off!!! wtf! and he works here and with makeup! im no proffesional but dang i know when to stop with the e/s and i can at least blend or at least know what it means. This guy shouldnt be allowed anywhere near makeup. He sucked!!! and what made it even worse was that the other people who work there were saying " omg how pretty" "thats so cute" "gorgeous" wtf! why lie everyone knew it looked horrendous! i was so pissed! sorry but the employees at this particular sephora(santa anita mall) suck!!!!!! i left without my sample and with my face looking like i slept with my makeup on...all over my face!!!


  1. Wow that sucks! I would have made a complaint to the Manager and tell him he needs to get a different job, Maybe he can still work in the store, but as a stock boy or something hehehe... aww I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience =(

    Have you tried seeking Medical advice for your hair fall out if it's excessive? I don't want to scare you, but it may help to see if maybe you have problems with thyroid? It's when your hormones known as androgens and estrogens are out of balance. My cousin is in the medical field and she's always telling me of kinds of things, So I thought maybe I'll just share this with you. Don't shoot the messenger! =)

  2. i've also been to the sephora at santa anita mall before
    i also did not like the people work there
    long story short
    I asked one of the girls working there that i was looking for this product for my hair and if she could tell me where it is
    she told they don't carry that in the store
    so i was like ok then, then i walked around in the store and actually saw the thing i was looking for
    they do not even know where things are in their own store

  3. that sucks! well, at least you know you shoudn't BE THERE for your make up goodies!


  4. OMG that really sucks what was he thinking???!! you should have made a complaint then you might of got loads of samples ha ha, I always think its abit OTT in Sephora we dont have one in Ireland bt when Im in the US I always make a point of going there but its like OMG your soo cute your soo gorgeous your from Ireland have your tried this have you tried that when all I want is peace to shop
    drives me crazy:)
    You got a new follower BTW love your blog xoxo