Friday, September 11, 2009

August Favs!

Its that tiime again! My favorites of the month.

This stuff in my opinion is great! Most girls like stuff that lathers, me myself i can care less if it does or not as long as it does the job. So let me say i just started using this stuff like 3 or 4 months ago and i love how it really does clean up my skin as well as clear some of my acne which isnt much. Now this stuff may not work for everybody. My friend claims it just makes her face more oily than what it already is. But i like it. It also leaves your face feeling super soft. So this and my St. Yves are my facial cleanser for now on. nuff said lol

This is Clinique happy for women. OMG i love love love this fragrance! the smell is sorta citrus-e idk maybe its me but it smells really good. I have been getting nothing but compliments lately of how wonderful i smell. lol creepy! but yea heavenly...

Coastal Scents 88 palette. This has to be my fav because it has all the colors you could possibly need when ur in a hurry and have no time to dig in to ur makeup box, case, etc.. I have been using this a lot lately, mainly the neutrals because of work and at night been doing dark brown or purple smoked out eyes. But yea love it!

Revlon Colorstay Brow is awesome. At first wasnt that big of a fan but i think it was because i needed some time to get used to it. Now i love it. its so easy to apply and the waxy stuff totally keeps my crazy eyebrows in place. The little brush that comes with it is also really good, i brush my brows after i fill them and makes them perfect.

Last but not least my MAC 187!!! This brush is so awesome. It applies my foundation so evenly. Its so soft and my brush hasnt shed so far, or maybe i havent noticed but yea im happy. Love it!


  1. I have oily skin and a few acne, taught of trying Cetaphil for a while but wasn't too sure... :S

    Yay I love the 187 too!!!

  2. I'm having a MAC plushglass and skincare giveaway on my blog. :)