Monday, January 4, 2010

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review

Everyone for the most part has been in love with Revlon Colorstay Foundation, it has been very comparable to MAC's foundations. Now Revlon has come out with another high quality foundation which is there Photo Ready foundation, which is suppose to be their version of HD foundation.

I went on MakeupAlley to inquire on what shade of this stuff will suit my skin color, since im a nc35, the girls recommended i try 008 Golden Beige, now for the colorstay i use 220 natural beige which is slightly different ok well not really it is very different lol but whatver since i was getting it as a BOGO i decided to also purchase this new foundation in natural beige just in case.
i tried on both colors and they both seem to suit me, weird right?? but heck at least i dont have to go back to return the wrong color =]
now for the pros and cons

  • price is very good it runs about $14 (and if you get from a BOGO sale u get two for that price amazing) a bottle very reasonable compared to other HD FOUNDATIONS, CS is selling theirs for about $17 plus s&h and that's just CS now imagine MUFE lol
  • packaging is great! the pump is perfect it dispense a good amount with one pump enough to cover my whole face and it has a lid lol
  • amazing coverage, it is very build able, it made my face flawless so again amazing
  • it does give a great dewy finish with a nice even glow
  • it is not fast drying like the colorstay, i have to hurry to put that on and blend otherwise since it dries up pretty quickly i have a mess on my face lol
  • feels very lightweight not heavy at all.
  • it does have a slight greyish tone to it, or maybe its just me being really colorblind lol
  • while this may not be a bad thing for some it does have some shimmer in it, but the advertisement clearly states that, so if your not into the shimmers then DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! the shimmers are meant to give you that glow.
  • not a lot of shades to choose from, which could be a bad thing if you have a very strange skin color lol jk
and well thats it not a lot of cons because i have to say this is my new HG Foundation i love this stuff, its perfect, i apply it using my skunk brush (MAC 187) stippling it then buffing it. i did take pictures with wearing this foundation and well i was a little under the weather since im sick i prefer not to post but makes me look great =] ok i shouldnt toot my own horn. anyways i highly recommend this foundation to you lovely ladies, let me know what you think of it.

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  1. Thanks for the review!!!!
    I just bought it yesterday and I'm wearing it today. I'm not so fond of the glitter =/ and it settles into all my lines and pores and is already greasy (just 3 hours later). Plus the coverage in my opinion is much lighter than the Colorstay foundation. I agree, I wish there were more color choices & it doesn't dry as fast as Colorstay. I think I bought mines a tad bit too light. I'm a NW30.

    I didn't get the BOGO but I got it for $9.99 and it came with a Revlon Blush :) (Target)

  2. I need this! :D
    I've been looking for it everywhere, but I haven't been able to locate it yet! Glad you like it though! Thanks for the post about it!

  3. hrm, i use corel movie maker and it's super easy. i think it's free too i'm not sure, the hubs downloaded it for me lol. so you can try that program. windows movie maker sucks! well i think so, we've both had problems with it.

  4. hey hon please post some pics before and after. I will be really grateful!

    I have great expectations about this stuff and i hope they will release it in my country as well. I have combination to oily skin and was impressed by the Color stay. Hopefully this one won't be too expensive her in Bulgaria.Thanks for the post very helpful indeed! xo

  5. I'm not a big fan of sheer make up but all this HD hype makes me want to cave in! :) true -- 12 bucks isn't bad compare to make up forever's HD foundation! <3 thanks for the tip!

  6. I can't wait to get my hands on this foundation. I went to my local CVS drugstore to try it out, and the whole display of this new foundation was empty! People really went nuts for this lol. I will check back again and see if they get more in stock. I actually don't mind the shimmers in this because I am always looking for foundations that will provide me with a nice glowy look ;)

    Thanks for the review hun!