Friday, January 8, 2010

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer

Hello Bellas,
I come at you again with another review. Today its gonna be on Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer which i purchased at Wal-Mart.

This can either be used as a tinted moisturizer or some use it as foundation.
I personally use it as both, on days when im on the run i just put this on to cover up some of my redness as well as to even out my skin, and other days when there's more time, i will use it before applying my foundation. Ok so on with the review. This bottle is kind of pricey since it only contains about 1oz worth of product for $11 bucks. I dont know maybe its just me, but anyways, the packaging is great, its small enough to fit in your purse its so sleek i love it, it comes with a lid that seals well. One thing though is the fact that sometimes when you use it you well get dried up clumps which is annoying, but other than that it cool. Now on to the product itself, it has an spf of 20 and there are several shades to chose from. The consistency is very smooth and creamy, not runny, it blends in very well to your skin, not leaving a greasy feeling after application. I use about two pumps and its enough to cover my whole face. So far i have to say that i really like this stuff and would recommend it as a tinted moisturizer. I know that there are many out there but this by far is great. so a quick summary:
  • great packaging
  • multi purpose
  • several shades to choose from
  • consistency is great
  • moisturizes and evens out your skin
  • price could be cheaper
  • not enough product

so thats all folks, what are you fav tinted moisturizers??? and have you tried this one yet?


  1. Great review! It sounds promising, I may give it a go round :)

  2. I love this product. I used to use it long before I really got into makeup! :)

  3. nice, i might have to try this out. i'm always on the hunt for tinted moisturizers because i don't like foundations. my favorite is the covergirl aqua tinted moisturizer. i get the darkest shade even though i'm pretty light, but it works!