Thursday, January 28, 2010

In -n- Outs

My In's and Out's of the month of January
  • Red Lips, the winter always has lots of pale faces and why not with a red lip, makes it look totally vintage glam
  • The rain, so far Socal has been receiving a lot of it and im definitely enjoying it
  • Brown, from boots, to coats, scarfs, and tops...its such a gorgeous for this winter time
  • Taking random pictures, they are so fun and make good frames for your empty walls
  • Blue eyeliner, i love to apply this on my lower lash line gives me a very awake and lovely eyes
  • Really annoying people that complain about the same crap over and over again, sheesh! get over it already life goes on
  • the "snooki" that look is so trashy im sorry i like the girl just not the overly huge bump on her head
  • american idol, i cant stand that show, the winners all suck and never make it, the only one who actually stuck around was kelly clarkson and look at her now
  • not being able to find good stuff at my favorite stores


  1. Totally with you with the red lips and blue eyeliner :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates American Idol.

  3. Love the post! Cute!!! Too cute!

  4. i personally think it's very difficult to pull off a red lip without a pale face. they work so well together & the red lip provides a prominent feature.
    with a really bronzed/tanned face it's a bit over the top

    i also love anything brown! my friends give me hell about my collection of brown/tan shoes haha >.<