Monday, January 4, 2010

Pinky Eotd

So even though im not feeling to well i decided to play with my stuff and came up with this:

mind you i did not apply any eyeliner or mascara since i was gonna be taking this off right away, and the pic quality isnt great cuz i took this with my android phone =]
so what i used was my CS 88 matte palette
i used the 1st color in the pink row for the inner corner and blended to about halfway to the middle of my lid
i then applied the brightest pink on that some row of pinks and used that on the red of my lid and blended the two colors together.
i then took the dark brown above the black on that same palette and used that to make the outer v and blended that as well.
for highlight i used the top white color on the palette and voila!

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