Monday, February 9, 2009

Revlon ColorStay Foundation

So after going on many many makeup forums, i heard that this Revlon foundation was just like MAC foundation or something really similar like 95%. People these are just opinions so please dont get mad if you dont like mine, thank you. So anyways, so i decided to try it out myself, i went to walmart and got me some of this foundation in natural beige since that's the closests i could get to my color. Well 1st off i have to say that it was wonderful! 2nd i have to say it did provide that full coverage like the MAC product does 3rd, its way cheaper than buying MAC, dont get me wrong i love MAC but if i could save a buck why not! And well like i said i loved it, as soon as i put it on i totally noticed the coverage, it gave me that flawless look that everyone looks for when wearing foundtion. I wore all day long and i didnt have to do any touch ups. So this is my new favorite product. You girls should definitely try it out, specially you gals that are more on a budget like me. It is super worth it! Let me know what you people out there think! Talk to you ladies soon!
xoxo, Eve

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