Friday, February 6, 2009

Girls Night Out!

So tonight me and the girls which are Ceci, Mary and Faby are going to go see this movie. (Typical girls)
We are so excited to go out since we hardly ever do so. See, the girls and i have very busy and conflicting schedules, plus we all kinda live far away from each other. But we manage. Anyways we decided on doing girls night outs at least once a month. Seriously we only keep in touch via email, text message or sometimes myspace. Dam technology!!! whatever happen to face to face conversations. So like i was saying before i started rambling, we are having our girls night out of February and we decided to see the movie "He is just not that into you" and we are all super excited to go see it. I hope its not a waste of money, since a lot of these chick flicks usually are. So people keep me posted on what you thought of this movie if you do get the chance to go see it. Due to this recession people tend to not want to go out anymore, and just stay in, well im a recessionista what can i say!

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  1. So like i said i went to see this movie with my girls, and of course being that it is a chick movie we were surrounded by girls everywhere, there was maybe like four guys in that theater, trust me we all counted. So as i was saying this movie was really good, it was actually better than i expected. I didn't cry though and thats because there was no sad part, or at least one to cry about. The main point was pretty obvious throughout the movie, and it ran smoothly even with all the different characters and stories, like if everyone was connected in some way. I definitely would recommend you guys to go see it. I would take my significant other to see. I think guys would enjoy they humor in it. So i give this movie a two thumbs up!