Friday, February 6, 2009

Art Piece of the Week!

So im going to start this whole art of the week blog, i just think it will be cool and fun to do. Art is a part of my everyday. I love to draw specially on faces =]
So today i picked a piece that i extremely love and i love it because its totally rad, and i feel there should be more of these pictures, drawings, paintings, etc out there.
Camille Rose Garcia is the artist and am a true fan of her work. The colors she uses are so perfect, like in this drawing, the different hues of blue are used so wonderfully.
This is like a retro, emo, punk, love picture, well in my eyes it is.
The way everything drips just makes it looks more sad, depressed, evil in a cool sort of way and i totally love it. If you guys disagree or are totally with me, let me know.
I always enjoy comments that are very argumentative, it gives you something to talk about.
so anyways Camille if your out there in the blog world, love your work keep at it and give me so more work to talk bout!
xoxo, Eve

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