Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey Bellas,
okay so i live super duper close to mountains and i think it amazing because i wake up to the most beautiful view of them. Especially when it rains or after, the clouds surround them making them look like something out of a movie like Narnia =] Anyways so im really sad because they are on fire!!! i feel so bad for those poor defenseless animals up there that are either trapped or have perished. I hope they put it out soon. This picture is when it first started now you cant see any blue sky because all of it is covered in thick smoke so you could just imagine how bad the air quality is out here. my poor pooch, my mom doesnt like him indoors. Got home yesterday and his poor lil eyes were red and would water because of the darn smoke so he was with me the whole day getting pampered as always =]

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