Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In's and Outs!

  • Bronzers they give you this beautiful glow to your skin i just love it.
  • Very peachy nail colors like ur watermelons and your salmon colors they totally can be left on forever and go with every outfit
  • Big purses, they are just perfect for back to school because you can fit a whole folder in them lol
  • Multi color scarfs. They complement every outfit and could be either worn around your neck, your waist as a belt or wrap around your purse to accessorize.
  • Beach waves! untamed, crazy, just got out of bed look. perfectly straight and tamed hair is so out...Pleasentville anyone?? lol
  • Aspirin face masks!!!! we are in a recession lmao do it at home remedies are much better anyways
  • Neon colors...im sorry but that was just a phase =]
  • Matchin, color cordinating!!! ok so do you really want to look like a crayon... i dont think so. i believe in self expression and if you want to wear rain boots with a skirt go for it. so that goes with colors it really annoys me when i see someone where a black shirt with white shorts with black pin stripes, black jewlery, and black shoes, black makeup. are you serious like that was so 2004 lol maybe im alone on this one.
  • Eminem ok maybe im alone on this one too, but omg c'mon talking crap about celebrities in all your songs (well not all) is old...give up already
  • Famous Stars and Straps...ok im probably alone on this one too but seriously in how many ways and colors, shapes, and forms can you say famous??? this brand is ridiculous...dont get me wrong ive worn this brand way back when, but now its just a little old and im tired of seeing every beefcake with these stupid shirts... get something better like Strategik collective (total shout out to the owner my bestie Phlick) or Rouge Status, rvca, etc.
  • Bad service at restaraunts, ok im a waitress too but at least i try...so if you suck dont ask my i gave you a crappy tip...you get what u earn!
okay so i ranted enough for today and im sure a lot of you would disagree with me but honestly if you went to school where i go and saw all the guys plus heard what they were listening to while they were driving by you would totally understand. so anywho, have a fabo days lovelies!

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  1. i agree. i hate it when people get too matchy-matchy. There's a differnce between things that look nice together and things that match. they are not always mutually exclusive. :D