Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello Lovelies,
so i totally did some crazy shopping and i will doing a post soon, as soon as i get a camera up and running cuz everything seems not to work right now =/
anyways, while in old town pasadena on my way to eat a Buca (btw this place sucks!) i took a little detour and walked through a little alley and it smelled soooo yummy and thats when i came across this wonderful place called Three Dog Bakery. Omg this place smelled scrumpchous. But its a bakery for dogs, thats right dogs. At the door they have a huge bowl of water just in case your pooch needs to hydrate and when you walk in the service is phenominal, the treats looks so good, i just wanted to eat them but of course i couldnt. Everything was fairly priced in my opinion. I bought a bumble bee which was i believe $1.75 but not to sure and the other one which i dont remember what its called i got x2 for $2.75. My dog devoured them i mean why wouldnt he they smelled and looked like they taste good. but anyways my dog is being lazy ever since my other dog passed so i thought i would treat him to fabolous treats lol if your in the area definitely check them out. Here's the link to their website which isnt too great.


My Coco Being Lazy on a sunday

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