Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting to know me

So a lot of you have similar post so i thought i would do it too since im just sitting here at work having nothing to do.

1, Thing you cannot leave the house without?
My purse duh and my cellphone everyone hates the fact that i cant live without it.

2, Favourite brand of makeup?

You guessed it...its MAC i think its most girls fav

3, Favourite Flower?

Lilies they are so beautiful especially the stargazers those are just amazing.

4, Favourite clothing store?

I love forever 21 and H&M as well as the little asian stores(their name always starts with Happy lol) but they have the cutest stuff ever for real cheap. I love you asian stores

5, Favourite Perfume?

Betsey Johnson and L.A.M.B

6, Heels or Flats?

I love heels but i have flat feet so its hard to walk in them and actually keep them on long enough they just hurt but i do own a lot. and of course flats are awesome.

7, Do you make good grades?

When i want to, but for the most part yes, unless there's a distraction lol jk

8, Favourite colors?

Purple just look at my room!

9, Do you drink energy drinks?

yuk! they make me really jittery...wait does sparks count lol

10, Do you drink juice?

yes i love grapefruit and cranberry

11, Do you like swimming?

i do like it when im actually moving...long story lol

12, Do you eat fries with a fork?

no i get down and dirty

13, Favourite moisturiser?

i would go with nivea its just wonderful with my really dry skin

14, Do you want to get married later on in life?

well i use to now its more like if it happens it happens

15, Do you get mad easily?

i dont i learned to be happy always. life is too short i just brush things motto is you got two jobs get mad and get glad...but make the first on last 2 seconds lol

16, Are you into ghost hunting?

nope but i do like scary houses

17, Any phobias?

nope i dont think i do...everything fascinates me

18, Do you bite your nails?
i think i have done that maybe 10x in my whole lifetime...i have really long nails

19, Have you had a near death experience?

yes going almost 80mph on the 10fwy here in L.A. and having no breaks!!! yikes

20, Do you drink coffee?

yes i do but i try not to...jitters and calories!!! unless i take it black

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