Saturday, August 1, 2009

FOTD: My Everyday look when it comes to work

*hey everybody, so before i start my camera sucks so please forgive for the horrible quality pictures. i really did try but this camera sucks. *
ok so i do my makeup very light when i go to work because i hate been hit on by a bunch of old men. seriously its gross. so i try not primp myself up that much. but i do do the basics for the everyday. so lets start off with what im going to use:

#1 MAC 217 Blending Brush
#2 MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush
#3 Random drugstore concealer brush (didnt use it, so ignore it)
#4 Drugstore Smudger Brush
#5 MAC 263 Small Angle Brush
#6 E.L.F Lip Brush
#7 E.L.F Clear Mascara and Eyebrow Gel
#8 MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
#9 NYX E/S In Nutmeg
#10 MAC E/S In Corduroy
#11 CoverGirls Lash Blast Mascara in black
#12 MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35
#13 MAC Powder Blush in Buff

First i apply the powder foundation evenly all over my face with the 187 brush.
Then i take the e/s in corduroy and the lip brush and start to line up and fill in my brows.

After that i apply the E.L.F eyebrow gel to keep them in place because my eyebrows do go crazy.
After that i apply my eyeliner using fluidline, with the 263 brush. ( I apply my eyeliner before or after my e/s cuz it really doesnt matter to me) I start from the middle of my eye to the outer corners then i work going inward.

The with my 217 blending brush i take some of the nutmeg e/s and start covering my eyelid up to the crease with it and blend it up so that you cant see any lines.

Now i apply the eyeliner inside my lower lid and with a smudger Brush i smudge the bottom lid to give it a little smokey look

I apply some of the lash blast mascara
ok so finally after all that i apply some of my powder blush in buff with a blush brush (ok its not pictured because i couldnt find it so now i have to go buy one bummer) right on my cheek bone and i do it in a circular motion so that i wont see it come out like with lines or uneven.

Then the finished look. (again my camera sucks so it doesnt look like i applied anything lol)

Thanks for checking out this blog any questions or comments please feel free to ask.

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  1. You look gorgeous and your brows are fabulous!!!