Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Product Reviews!!!!!

I keep posting.. thats because i have a lot to talk about today =]
so ok i while back i bought some drugstore stuff and said i would review so here i am.
Today im going to review 4 products, Almay's smart shade concealer, and bright eyes and i will also review Revlon's Double Twist mascara and Brow Enhancer.
Lets start with Almay:

Bright Eyes
I give this product a 8 out 10 stars!!!
Pros: Conceals dark circles, Brightens under eyes, perfect shade, packaging is good, easy to use.if you seriously cant use this then u should go back to kindergarten to teach you how to open and close and squeeze stuff. (not trying to be mean)
kinda pricey for such a small tube but i didnt pay much since i got it on sale! =]

Okay so lets start off by saying i love the packaging, all you have to do is unscrew the top squeeze just enough for some of the product to end up on the tip of the wand and wallah!!! its that simple. I read some review with people saying it gets all over the place, and it sucks because sometimes it doesnt even come out. well really its common sense squeeze just enough for the amount you desire. Ok now the coverage, i think it works great, it covers my nasty dark circles and it actually brightens them, my mami told me so and she didnt even know what i was wearing, she says i finally got some sleep...if she only knew. Anyways, i really liked it, you can also use it as a base for your e/s, i do use it for that but i also use my udpp so really i havent used it alone. so there! so i totally recommend

Smart Shade Concealer
i give this product an 8 out of 10 stars
Pros: conceals really good, dont need such a large amount, it goes from white to your skin tone
Cons: pricey but again on sale when i purchased it.
Honestly i dont know what bad thing to say about it because i really liked it. The only reason why i didnt give it a 9 or 10 was because besides the fact that its pricey, it also leaves this ugly residue on your fingers which is normal but idk i just dont like it, my finger look orange after i use it to dab it on my face. Anyways, i really like this product also, it totally does what its suppose to do and conceals my red spots as well as my dark circles. I always exchange between my bright eyes and this because they are both just lovely. So i would totally recommend this.

Now for Revlon:

Brow Enhancer
i give this product a 6 out 10 stars
Pros: nice packaging, 2 in one product
Cons: limited amount of shades to chose from, the highlighter tends to clump =/
So let me start off with the good. I do like this because it has a waxy consistency so it keeps my eyebrows in place the highlighter is such a pretty color. Bad things, the highlighter clumps so when im putting it on and crap comes off it and it gets all over my eyelids and eyelashes as well as on my brows and then now i have white brows which isnt to pretty. They only have certain colors and they are either to dark or to light so there's no in between and that sucks. But i still will continue to use it but im not sure if i would buy. You guys should try it out and let me know what you think.

Double Twist Mascara
i give this a 6 out 10 stars
Pros: distributes a good amount of mascara, doesnt clump, makes my lashes look fuller.
Cons: that wand looks so pretty but if you slip you might poke your eye out it hurts!!! and its kinda thick the mascara not the wand. well that too lol
okay so i read tons of reviews on this mascara and its 50/50 some people love it and some people just hate it. See first off i like it the packaging is okay and it gives my lashes exactly what i was looking for...a fuller look. i saw some people and what they were complaining about and they say it suck its gets all over the place it clumps, and that it pretty much eats up your wand. but see i have been usiing it for a while now and i have not yet experienced any of those things. so ladies where are you storing your mascara?? what are you doing to it to get it all nasty like that. A recommendation is to always store your makeup in a nice cool and dry area so that it doesnt mess it up like i have seen. so again would i buy this mascara...yes i would i do like what it does to my lashes...

So there you have it, that was a super huge review i thought it would never end. If your reading this is because you actually read all through it yay and kudos to you. Thanks for reading my ramble. I give honest opinions i hate when people copy what others say about certain products. i believe everyone is different and if something works for you it may not work for the next person but you will never know until you try it out. Dont get me wrong i read reviews first before i buy something but i also learned that not all reviews are honest and truthful experiences and thats what i want to deliver to you. again there i go ranting pfft. i will end it here have a nice day!

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