Thursday, August 6, 2009

Biosilk Conditioner Review

Hey everybody,
I needed to do a review of this product badly. See i have used the Biosilk serum to take away the frizz and make your hair look super shiny and i love that product. So i decided why not try this conditioner. I dont know if its because im not using it with the shampoo but omg i hate this crap. It was such a waste of $17. I wish i could return it but i cant grrrrrr. First off i had to use more than a quarter size like a lot more to actually cover my hair entirely, i know i have long hair but with my past conditioners i only needed a quarter size. And then when i would put it in my hair it wouldnt make my hair soft like my normal old conditioners would do. And then when i would brush my hair still had knots that were hard to take out. With my old ones my comb would run right through. It didnt make my hair feel silky smooth like the zohan would say lol So if you want to try it go ahead but im warning you this product was just not for me and it may not be for you. or try it with the shampoo it might work. but i didnt want to spend another $20 on a shampoo.
-none..oh wait it smells good but thats it.

-need to use a big amount
-left the hair like if you didnt even condition it =[

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