Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to school shopping (pic heavy)

Hey lovelies,
So back to school is finally here for me at least, and of course i needed to do some shopping and i picked up several items that were a must have lol im starting to realize i have a shopping problem. But anyways most of the stuff i got was either on sale or it was really cheap so i figured why not.

MAC pro palette x15 i needed this to save space lol yea right

MAC Fix plus people rave about it so much so i thought i would give it a try see if i like it too!

MAC Mineralize E/S duo in Sea andSky i love love love these colors

Then i bought shoes for school Vans, and flats

Needed jeans so i got these on sale whoopie!!!

2dollar tanks im there!!!

Girly Nightmare on Elm Street...scawyyyy!

Loving v-necks right now

omg have been wanting a faux leather jacket for way too long...dream come true

Bling Bling!!


So all this i got at MAC/Vans/Target/JC Penny/Forever21/Old Navy/HandM
Yea so im ready to go back to school, back to no life yay for me and the besties !!!!


  1. Nice haul. I love the shoes you got! ♥

  2. OoO.. Awesome! Shopping. Love the new stuff. I so need to go school shopping this week. Have a great week!