Friday, December 4, 2009

The way i Sculpt My Eyes

Hello Loves,
last night i decided to sculpt my eyes since i was just going to school, plus my mom's xmas party is coming up and she wants me to do her makeup, so i dont want her looking like a hooker (no offense to those) but want to give her a classy look so i practiced on myself and this is what i came up with:
What i used...
88 CS Palette

Sigma and E.L.F brushes

MAC Blacktrack

NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Iced Mocha

and UDPP not pictured i forgot oops!

ok so 1st i primed my lid with the udpp after that i applied NYX Milk in the inner corners of my eyes. I smudged it in to blend towards the middle of my lid then applied #1 on the pic showing the colors i used from the 88 palette. I used that light color to go over the inner corner of my eye with my Sigma ss252 brush.
After that i applied #3 and applied it all over the lid using the same brush.
With the Sigma ss219 i took the #2 and went over the crease and the v corner and blended it in.
I then took my MAC 224 and used the #4 as a highlight.
After the lids were done i took the ss209 and used it to line my eyes with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.
With the E.L.F brush i took some of the #2 and smudged it all over my lower lashline, but not oo much just enough. Then took NYX Iced Mocha and lined my lower lashline. And whala! eyes all done, i like it for my mom, she didnt get to see it cuz she was already asleep, but i will keep doing different looks to see whats the best for her, now for pics..

(i have huge eyes so i dont go all the way down to the inner corner otherwise wow bug eyes lol

So i was bored shoot me! =]


  1. I love it! It would great for day or night. And I like the way you did the liner, it's very precise.

  2. I love step by step tutorials, it makes it seem easy, although I still cant manage to sculpt my eyes properly so they stand out!!! Thanks for this :) Looks wonderful! x

  3. this look is so wearble !
    will definately try it !
    thanks :)

  4. Thanks, hon, for visiting my blog! =)

    Your eyes are so GORGEOUS! Seriously!
    And yes, the Lancome mascara is so WORTH it in my opinion. I mean, your eyes are already so pretty, but use that mascara and I guarantee:

    THOSE bad babies will looook even more amazing! :)

  5. hey !! =)
    i have a blog sale going on, feel free to visit!! thanks hun =)