Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hello Bellas,
its been a while since ive been on blogger and posted anything, being sick is not
the business.
But i am all better now, i want to thank all of you for following and reading, i really cant thank you enough. Now on to my hauls.
So i hit up Wal-Mart for some goodies and this is what i got:

i couldnt find my Garnier face wipes ugh! but i discovered these
l'oreal skin genesis micro smoothing wet towelettes, they remove makeup so i wil review these after a few tries =]
i also got Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer in 50 i will also do a review on this later.
and lastly,
MAX Factor pressed powder in deep
i plan on using this as a bronzer, so far i used it this morning and i love it! hahaha and it was 5 bucks since the u.s. is getting rid of the brand i had to have me some max before its really gone.

Forever 21 package arrived whoopie! and this is what i got

a sparkly dress

black tunic with studded collar

black blazer

some super cute suede heels (sigh) i love these.
Now for my last haul...

so i go in right and these sweet guy tends to me right away, which i love they always have great customer service. so i go straight for the star melts cuz i read about these and i wanted to try but people have mixed reviews so i bought one to try out, these little guys are so sticky they really will melt in your hand. Then i grabbed the famouse cmforter bar that smells so yum. So then i told the guy that i wanted to try BIG shampoo but didnt want to pay $22 for a bucket of this stuff cuz what if i didnt like it, so he was kind enough to give me a sample of it it smells so sweet so idk if i will like that scent on my head, then he offered to give me a sample of American Cream conditioner to try out also i was delighted =]
so now as i was at the register ready to pay i saw they had the little containers labeled cupcake which i opened and it smells yummy too ugh i want everything from there, so i asked the guy if he;s ever tried it and he said it works great for oily skin, so he told me go ahead and have it. I was like omg really?!! he was so generous and sweet i loved my experience there so i cant wait to use all this stuff.
anyways thats all of it, finally so will do a tutorial tomorrow since i have time tomorrow night to do it! till then

p.s. Makeup Babble is having an awesome giveaway she is giving away a dr.perricone product go check it out here.


  1. ooooo great haul! i am going to forever 21 this week to get a new years dress i hope. i want those heels now!

  2. Awesome haul!!! I look forward to hearing about these products :)

  3. Cute haul!!! Love the new stuff.. :-)

  4. the greatest haul is always complete with makeup, clothes, shoes & skin care stuff... you hit bull's eye... love it!!! I'm so jealous... I want some lush, but still unsure of what to get...

  5. im to scared to order from 4ever21 onlinee. i hav to walk my ass there b4 i buy stuff :( lol

    yeahh i would prefer a puppy from a shelter so ima deff gonna check there. my last resort would be a breeder.