Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BIG Shampoo Review

Hello lovely readers,
im doing another hair product review since i have been trying different things lately to have gorgeous hair =]
About a month ago i went into the Lush store and received a good sample of their BIG shampoo, as well as the American Cream conditioner. oh how lucky did i feel well this is how i feel now after trying them both...

  • Smells like salt and lemons....margarita anyone =]
  • the texture is like kosher salt seriously or sea salt whatever
  • for looking and feeling like salt, you being to wonder if this stuff will actually work and lather...omg it does hehe
  • the salts dissolve real easily which doesnt make it hard for it to wash out.
  • makes your hair super duper silky smooth...and i love that the most about this stuff
  • the scent can be annoying
  • its suppose to make your hair "BIG" mine did not do that, it looked like how it usually does
  • pricey!!! $21 for a shampoo... as if!
so will i actually purchase this stuff....nope! i mean it does make my hair super soft and i love that but i didnt want it for that purpose i wanted volume gosh darnnit! but hey some of the bloggers say this stuff works for them...so i guess to each their own...wait is that how u say it??? lol

American Cream conditioner

  • none sorry
  • doesnt smell like anything really just like plain ol conditioner =/
  • i had to use the whole sample on my hair which was probably the size of 5 quarters and it still didnt do nothing ugh!
  • waste!
  • did not condition my hair, had to use my regular conditioner.
i probably sound like the grinch right now, but its true, the conditioner in my opinion sucked i would never purchase it, the shampoo like i said made my hair silky smooth and made it shine but as far as making it big with volume that it did not do, which made me very disappointed. so thats all folks before you spit out the cash for such an expensive product i say you ask for a sample first and try it out first cuz i might realize u dont like it, or love it!


  1. Thanks for this review! I was actually thinking about trying some of Lush's Shampoos and conditioners, but I don't really think they could deal with my hair lol. My hair is a big dry frizzball! hahahaha, I need all the moisture and conditioning I can get! :)

  2. i'm going to get some samples so i can try the big hair shampoo. my only concern is that i color my hair and i don't want it to rinse the color out b/c i heard it's areally concentrated formula and they suggest only using it once or twice a week. what do you think having tried it? great review and thanks for sharing!