Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Sexy Hair

Hello Bellas,
wow its been a while but honestly i didnt feel like posting, life has kinda sucked so writing about stuff would only turn into a disaster cuz i would probably sound real emo on all my posts. but i have been on here reading all your post which have kept me in better spirits. Hope you all had an awesome christmas or whatever you celebrate, i did cuz of the gifts i got lol jk
anyways, so for xmas i decided i wanted big sexy hair =]
thats exactly what i got.
A few months ago i purchased this mousse:

This product says to *create major volume and shine (from SexyHair website)
well let me tell you when i tried it a few months ago it did nothing for me, i hated it, i put away some where in my bathroom and never bothered with it again, till xmas eve i decided to give it one last chance, and so glad i did i applied a lot more this time while my hair was damp then blowdryer away lol omg my hair was was perfect, i loved it, i backed comb a lil but only a lil and it was lovely so i defeinetly recommend you ladies give this a try. i bought it at ross so i got for cheap, i know that TJ Maxx carries it to and its cheap there too! so here are my results

my hair is never like that its super flat so im in love with this stuff! (sigh) my friends were like whoa thats big hair lol


  1. I had a similar experience with it! Your hair looks great! :)

  2. loveee your hair.
    ive been wanting to try that product out :)
    im totally going to buy iit <3

  3. Looks awesome :) Hair envy! Ayden xx

  4. You look beautiful! I love the root pump and the hairspray. I HATE the Shampoo and killed my hair (but did give it volume).

  5. I buy BIG SEXY HAIR products at TJ Maxx, I have this but have yet to use it.

    How did you blowdry your hair when you applied this? Any tips or tricks before I try? I'm such a tease (when it comes to my hair) that this would be such a better/healthier option for my hair if it really works!

  6. Girl you are gorgeous with that big hair! *jealous* I have this stuff tucked away in my bathroom too... I never liked it that much, but I think it's time to dig it out and try it one more time.