Monday, December 7, 2009

Stomach Flu Yikes!

Hello Bellas,
so i had planned to do another eye makeup tutorial today but i came down with the stomach flu, my mom works for a rehab center and all the patients have this flu which contagious and my mom got it before they declared it contagious at her job ugh!
so she had it, then now i have it and so does my little brother, it freaking sucks!
so now i dont want to touch my makeup stuff, so that i wont spread the germs to that.
it really sucks. so as soon as thats over i have a awesome tut for you girls!
on another note,
i still havent found a job
im an LVN and no one is hiring right now i ask everyone to please pray for me,
i would greatly appreciate it!
well loves i hope you have a great day!


  1. Having the stomach flu sucks, I hate it more than anything. Not so much for myself, but my daughter has came down with it every year and it just breaks my heart the things she goes through with that stupid virus. I hope you and your little brother get better soon =( and I'll def. keep you in my prayers for a break through in finding a job!