Friday, October 2, 2009

This is why i need your help!!!!

Hello ladies,
so i do my makeup and want to post photos but have no camera and phone camera sucks!!!
grrrrr it makes me so mad, thats why i need you guys to help me out, what camera is best to use, and which one can do great videos too???????
plz plz plz give me ur opinions thanks

what i used which doesnt matter cuz u cant tell lol:
MaryKate &Ashley diamond glitter e/s pencil
MAC pink bronze pigment
MAC Chocolate brown pigment
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Blacktrack
NYX Deep purple e/s
CoverGirl Mascara


  1. I so want a new camera myself.. Hopefully, I can get an SLR. I've seen so many bloggers that use it & their photos are fab! Can't wait fo an Nikon SLR though. HAHA. I use my old cannon cam. Cute makeup!

  2. Im currently using a Sony Cybershot and I think its pretty good

  3. Depends on how much money youre wanting to spend! A digital slr will set you back about 300-400 quid... if youre pretty serious about how high quality you want your pics to be. But if its something cheaper, go into somewhere like Jessops and have a chat with the staff! Theyre normally pretty helpful. A higher mega pixel is gonna look better quality, but if youre gonna be taking lots of pics close up then make sure the camera has a macro setting, this allows you to take really clear and detailed pictures very close up, and theyd still be in focus! Have a shop around for a bit before you set your mind on anything tho, lemme know how you get on :) xx

  4. I have a couple of posts just for this very reason! check them out! their called makeup and photography! although the examples ar not great, the tip are perfect, i just didnt follow the tips on my examples!!!! My camera is the canon wonders on taking makeup shots!!!

  5. Don't worry, your not alone! My camera sucks too! I have a kodak, and although it looks cute because its pink, the picture quality and lighting features are a nightmare ;)

  6. it depends on how much $$$ you want to spend. best buy is the best place to buy a camera b/c they have that "price match guarantee" so if it goes on sale after you purchase it anytime within 90 days, they give you the difference back. how much are you looking to spend?

  7. You have just been tagged =)

  8. My camera sucks as well so I am not one to give advice but I do like this look!!:D

  9. hey eve! thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    i have a very bad camera either. but oh man, i just prefer to spend on makeup instead of camera. hahahaha

    oh, i like the lancome eye makeup remover!but sometimes it's not easy to get rid of the mascara though IMO. :[