Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pink Pout by Revlon

Hello Bellas,
So i came across this gorgeous Barbie pink lipstick from Revlon which im totally loving right now!
I love everything lol
I'm trying to buy quality drugstore products to do reviews on since you requested that. =]
Anyways, the Revlon lippie is called Pink Pout and its a matte lippie with a bright but not overpowering pink color.
its really gorgeous, and its not dry like other drugstore lipsticks i have tried.
Here are some swatches in different lighting:

And this is what it looks like on my lips



  1. I've been loving this lately too!! At first I hated it, since it turns sort of lavender on my lips...but if I put lip balm on first, it keeps the color true. It looks so pretty with your skin!

  2. aw..i posted a comment but i dunno what happened to it..anyway i was saying, i have pink pout too and i love it..its an exact match to Macs Snob. I was at the mac counter and i put pink pout on the bottom lip and snob on the upper lip, they are the exact same color besides pink pout being matte and snob being more creamier they pretty much the same!..=)

  3. @Lisakate: thanks girl yes you definitely need the lip balm it helps it from looky chalky too.
    @Dvue1119: i also tried mac snob and they are very very similar, and too me the texture was sorta the same =]