Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello Lovelies, hope you guys are having a good hump(Wednesday) day! So i was tagged and awarded "Over the Top" by the sweet L-M-X thanks girl! i love doing these! The rule is to answer these questions with just one word , So let's see what I can come up with =P

Where's your cell phone: buzzin

Your hair: unwashed =]

Your mother: unbelievable

Your father: who?

Favorite Food: Italian!

Dream last night: Forgot

Favorite drink: Tea

What room are you: office

Hobby: dancing

Fear: love

Where were you last night: sleeping

Something that you aren't: boring

Muffins: scrumptious

Wish list item: Cartier

Where did you grow up: SOCAL

What are you wearing: clothes

Your pets: COCO

Friends: Amazing

Something you're not wearing: earrings

Favorite store: Forever

Favorite color: Purple =]

Last time you laughed: morning

Your best friend: monkey

Place you go to over and over: BLOGGER

Person who emails you regularly: Gaby

Favorite place to eat: home

And now I pass these onto:
MakeupMama, Ahoy Mate, Alpha Blonde Beauty, Natty, and Zoella
and I want to pass this award to all my followers and whoever wants to do this tag!


  1. YAY we both are wearing clothes at the office and our fav. placve to eat is at home! hehehe... Thanks for doing this tag girl!

  2. im still looking :( no one is hiring unless you have a year or more experience so its really hard

  3. Thanks for tagging me hon! I'm going to do it right now btw you can get eyebrow stencils from Sally beauty or Sephora (anastasia makes some)


  4. aww thank for the tag!! its been a while since i did one of these!!

    and yes everybody loves forever 21!!! hehehe

    thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!!

    xoxo and spanks**
    katrina m

  5. I've just posted this tag as well! hahaha from your answers, I assume that you're not close to your dad as well :P