Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hair Removal

Hello lovelies,
its time for another review.
But of course it comes with a quick story first lol
So idk how many of you suffer from ugly arm hair?? i do and i hate it, my arms are hairier than the bff's. Thats so wrong, so i knew i needed to get rid of this hair. I have tried shaving and i hate it, it leave little nasty red bumps when i do that. Waxing hurts real bad. So i came across Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream.

Let me say that the packaging was okay. I mean its easy to use because theirs a pump so theres no spills, but if it gets too hot it tends to leak, maybe thats just mine. The plastic razor is okay too, the little green ends which are suppose to be the plastic blades tear off if your too rough which i am lol.
Now for the product, the smell it kinda yucky, ok not kinda it is yucky! But the cream isnt running whatsoever, its thick and you just glide it on to the area where you would like the hair to be removed. Its says not to massage it in, just put over it, i do both depending on the spots. It says to wait 5-10 mins then remove with the plastic blade. well when i do that its hard for the product to come off, so what i do i run my arms real quick through warm water and then use the blade. The hair comes off real easy that way. After removal, i wash and srub my arms real good to get rid of any excess product since there have been times where i guess i didnt scrub hard enough and it left that nasty crap on my arm...ewww gross! After all that my arms feel nice and smooth.
So basically the product works well, it does what its suppose to do and its easy to use. The only downside is the smell and the waiting lol
So i do recommend this product for arm hair removal, i did try it on my legs and it just irritated them, idk why my body is weird. lol
****edited: the hair removal is for i believe legs and arms and underarms.
it also doesnt burn your skin like other hair removals****

so have you guys tried it out??? what did you think? let me know
until next time


  1. I remember as a teen I tried using Nair Hair Removal, That crap stunk so bad and it didn't really work too well. I never used it again, but I have yet to try Veet, I don't know if I can deal with the Horrendous smell, but if it works then maybe I'll suck it in and try it out =D Thanks for this review!

  2. I was always curious about veet but i never was brave enough to try it because i didnt think it was going to work, well the veet for your legs if dunno if the one you have is just for arms?? But anyway, Maybe i'll have to give it a shot because i hate shaving cuz my legs get irritated by the razor. thanks for the review.

  3. ohh yea i agree nair is a really nasty gimmick of veet! veet products are safe, work nicely and are of good quality :) i have tried they hair removal creams and they work well everywhere! would love to try this too

  4. i never try to shave my arm hairs, i just afraid the hair will get "thicker". coz i remember one of my fds shaved her arm hair without using anything, n it just hurt whenever i touch her arms after that. hahaha
    but overall veet does have awesome hair removal products. i love them!

    n it's great that Garnier works for you! actually that was my 1st time of using wipes to remove my makeup. maybe if i try other brands, i'll see the differences among them :)

    have a great weekend, eve! :)